Bad dreams

Jan. 19th, 2014 01:27 pm
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Aside from being on the "downer" side of the ride that comes from weekend work at the office and late hours laden with stress and caffeine, I had a bad dream this morning before I woke up for the day. For me bad dreams are not uncommon, but they're usually more on the order of a nightmare than what I experienced today.

This morning I dreamed that I was ... someplace ... and when I looked down and to the side? There was Diva walking towards me. There was no doubt who it was, she was complete with her muddled coat and curly-q tail. I called out to her, "Di-va," and she came walking over with that somewhat stumpy pace that she had. What got me was that as she walked her tail uncurled and flicked about, re-curled, uncurled and flicked, re-curled again. It was exactly the way I remember her doing a half-dozen times while she was alive. She got to my side, I was able to pet her a few times ... and then she was gone.

Then I woke up and cried, because I'd had her given back to me for a little while and just as quickly, just as inexplicably, she was taken away again.

They danced by the light of the moon
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Our beautiful kitty Diva left us tonight. Her kidney failure overtook her for the final time and she went across the Rainbow Bridge to join her sister, Smudge. Now she can see Grandma and Grandpa Kersting, who she missed very much.

We are, of course, completely heartbroken. After her crash and recovery in 2011 we thought she'd just keep... being a part of our lives.

Cat shaped hole in my heart


Sep. 12th, 2011 04:48 pm
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Diva - November 2007
Diva - November 2007 Shot on Nov 6, 2007 we see Diva being a serious cat. Get better, kitty.

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We just left the Diva cat at the emergency cat clinic. She is in near-critical condition per the doctor who triaged her at the hospital. She is sev erely dehydrated and, more worrying, she isn't even making 98F on the thermometer - she should be around 102F.

She is getting bloodwork now, we expect a call in about an hour on that. She is getting sub-cutaneous fluids and is resting in an incubator to try to raise her temperature.

Please send healing thoughts her way. Neither Pam nor I want to lose her, not this young and not this way.
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Diva - Look Into My Eye
by ~panfah on deviantART

[ profile] lady_curmudgeon's cat, Diva, is one of my favorite photography subjects. This shot was an experiment with my 100mm macro lens that had a happy surprise: it showed just how sharp a contrast there is between the color of her coat and the color of her eyes.


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