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... seriously, I did. Tonight I pulled up my Friends page and read back 20 or 30 entries, and wonder why it is I'm not here much at all any more. Even with all the changes that have happened to LJ over the years, it's still much more pleasant to interact with as a "reader" than anything Facebook could ever vomit out.
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Courtesy of Jazzy: Feren's Law states: "If a project or change is slated to take 3 hours and affect no-one, budget 24, bring an EMT, and expect torches and pitchforks"."
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  • Neil was wearing a grey shirt with something that looked like the flag for Nigeria on it
  • Poncho kept throwing picks into the crowd. If I'd figured that out sooner, I probably could have gotten one for a momento
  • Many of Neil's songs are complete stories within themselves (Ramada Inn) while others are more about concepts (Rust Never Sleeps)
  • I knew we were in for a treat when I saw the giant, oversized stage props from the 80s Rust Never Sleeps tour
  • Just because a particular item is present (the pipe organ, for example) doesn't mean it's going to be used. He headfaked me at least twice that we were going to hear "Like a Hurricane."
  • Los Lobos opened for him, and they were not what I expected.  Fantastic opener. Great blend of Mexican/Tijuana feel with great rock. The drummer, who looked younger than the rest of the band (replacement drummer?) made some hilarious faces while he was playing -- but that's because he was in the moment and having fun.
  • Because this was being filmed, I knew the entire stage show was part of a "story." Again, very similar to the Rust Never Sleeps tour's experience.
  • If you have a lab coat, "nerd" glasses and wild grey hair, you are a scientist.
  • Some of the old tour tricks to make a show within the show are the best tricks ("Road-eyes" return in an evolved state and the Woodstock PA announcements)
  • Poncho loves it if you flip him the bird during "Fuckin' Up"
  • I haven't heard a version of Cinnamon Girl this electric and "crunchy" since the Type O Negative cover
  • Neil put us in a time machine and there was psychadelic pinwheel lighting for Mr. Soul
  • How many backdrop moslins can one performance possibly have?
  • Setlist:Love and Only Love; Powderfinger; Born in Ontario; Walk Like A Giant; The Needle and the Damage Done; Twisted Road; She's Always Dancing; Ramada Inn; Cinnamon Girl; Fuckin' Up; Mr. Soul; Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black); ENCORE: Tonight's the Night
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Today I advanced my theory to [personal profile] lady_curmudgeon that college football could be made vastly more interesting if I could just get a thought shift to occur around mascot choices.

Imagine this: Instead of choosing something "noble" like the Wolf or the Husky or the Falcon, the coach and school go for something a bit more ... humble.

I submit for your consideration: the star-nosed mole.

Now, imagine that terrifying visage as a seven foot tall, terrycloth, nightmare-fuel mascot costume. Oh, the Moles are down 5 points in the final quarter? Trot this mascot out on the field for a quick pep rally. Watch the opposing team shriek and scatter in confusion and fear!

This is a game-changer, I'm telling you.
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... because I didn't have enough of those in my life.  Why defer when you can push the issue to a yelling match.  That's haelthy, right? 
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In late June of this year put a new stereo receiver in my truck is from Pioneer and has many fancy features such as HD Radio, iPod control, iTunes tagging, Bluetooth link to my phone, etc.

Today, while the engine was being particularly stubborn about turning over, I drained the battery on the truck. The radio promptly rewarded my by losing all of my station presets, all of my preferences and the date/time was wiped out as well. The date & time I can understand, but station presets and user peferences? That's just unforgivable!

I cannot believe that in this brave year of 2012, car radio manufacturers STILL do not know what NVRAM is and how they might use it for Good. 

I can't believe I have to get angry about this shit! Technology should have solved this First World Problem a decade ago.
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As part of my ongoing rehabilitation, I will try to write more in this journal.  Most of my entries will be marked as "friends only" (LJ world) or whatever DreamWidth (htttp://www.dreamwidth.org/ ) is calling it.  . U wukk bit v=be posting in public because most of my entries will be about $WORK, or $Volunteeer_org, or other items.  These places are important to me, but unless otherwise projected I will not be providing links or naming names. Some of this runs counter to my general attitude, but those principles are revising as I evolve as a person.
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Below is an open letter about IPv6 and the Pandora radio service. I have posted this to my personal blogs and also mailed it directly to Pandora’s support services.

Read more below )


Apr. 28th, 2012 07:22 pm
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It says something about the state of things in this household when we find that we have stopped worrying about the excessively large pools of urine on the bathroom floor... and are now worried there are not excessively large pools of urine on the bathroom floor.


Apr. 9th, 2012 09:51 pm
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Five months since my last post; I'm still not dead.

Bastards must be losing their edge.


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