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We're back home from my family's farm after having been away from home for almost a full week. We missed the cats and they missed us, though the neighbor did a good job of keeping Ra and Diva fed and watered. Jazz was, as usual, boarded with the veterinarian so she could have her proper medical treatments (pill and sub-cutaneous fluids) to remain stable and healthy.

The visit was good, except for the part where my father was nearly crushed to death under 4,800 pounds of truck. Thankfully he's okay. He is badly brusied and scraped up, but is okay. I think the swelling in his hand had visibly gone down some today before we set out on the drive back to Illinois.

Food is what Thanksgiving always centers around to some extent, and there was food in great quantity over this vacation. Wednesday, after arriving at the farm, we had a pair of giant bake-at-home pizzas. Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday was delightful: it consisted of BBQ turkey (just a hint of barbeque to go with the turkey, juicy, fine and crispy skin), mashed potato, corn, beans, squash and a few other side dishes. Friday was leftover day and the aforementioned incident with the truck. Saturday we had carry-out chinese to break up the monotony and on Sunday we had barbequed steaks.

Like all the trips to visit the place I grew up, this vacation came to and end far too quickly. While I accomplished everything I had intended during our stay, I'm still left feeling vaguely disappointed that I didn't do more for my parents while I was there. And, like the trip to the farm in August for my birthday, this feels as if it was far too short in duration. Now that I'm home I can feel a cloud creeping back around me. It's mixed in nature, ranging from depression at leaving the farm behind to anxious desire to return to work. Very likely I will be a moody, unhappy person until I get back into the groove and can bury myself in the routine of my professional life (which usually eclipses my personal life).

There are stars in the southern sky
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As we pass through Eau Clare, WI, the first 100 miles of this leg of the trip are done. There's only 324 more miles to go before we arrive home! I enjoyed the hell out of CONvergence 2009 as well as splitting the time so we could visit my parents. They sent me home with a few unexpected items that I will write about later. With some accompanying photos, I think.

For now - driving!
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[livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon and I left the farm after brunch and some frenzied car-packing, getting onto the road at around 1430. We drove into town, got fuel and then I realized I hadn't helped with a chore prior to departure. Ever the dutiful son I turned the car around and drove back to the farm despite my parents' protests on the phone. I helped my dad make short order of the work (hauling old reclienr out and a new recliner in) and then got back on the road sometime around 1500. We got home around 2210 and I had the car unloaded by 2220. By 2240 I had the venison packed into freezer, the three new guns put into the safe (and while rearranging the handguns in the safe I discovered flecks of rust on the slide of my S&W SW9VE, which has me... annoyed) and all the laundry unpacked from our luggage.

I'd write up a more detailed summary of events but right now I'm unwinding with a drink and basking in the glow of a a wonderful, albeit much-too-brief weekend. Once the drink is done I'm heading to bed.
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We arrived safely at home tonight, having pulled into the driveway sometime around 2214. Today mostly featured a ten hour drive from the farm in Minnesota back to the house: seven-and-a-half hours were actually spent moving, two hours were spent visiting some of Curmudgeon's relatives in Wisconsin and the remaining time was split between fuel stops. Our average speed of travel? A paltry 54 mph, fully 11 miles under the limit for most of my drive. Why? Because apparently nobody who lives in Wisconsin has ever seen snow before! So at every turn and every hill there was a cascade of brake lights and we'd go from a decent clip of about 65 mph to something closer to 20 mph. Truly amazing, the conditions didn't at all call for this level of caution.

Overall it was a good weekend, paired with a good holiday. I spent time with my parents, Curmudgeon got to meet all of the uncles on my father's side of the family (two of whom I haven't seen in over two years), I had tasty dinner every night of the week and I got to watch some truly horrible 80s movies over at [livejournal.com profile] chebutykin's place. Further, we came home with the truck full of goodies. For instance, who knew my mother was holding my gun collection hostage and all it would take to free two of the members was a ringer washer in trade? Heck, that's just a small part of it. What really has me excited is the brand-new Poulan snow blower with a 5.5 hp motor and a 24" deck. The 'blower even has electric start, how cool is that? Now neither I nor Curmudgeon will need to have a coronary when shoveling out the driveway this winter! As an added bonus my father gave me a pair of boots, a pair of pants and a jacket from his fire fighting days. He says that since he's retired, well, he doesn't need them so I might as well have them. Score! Now I can stay warm and dry no matter how cold or wet the blizzard of snow I'm removing may be.

I have Monday off to recover from the drive, something I'm going to need since this sinus congestion is utterly destroying me. Tuesday it will be back to the grind at $EMPLOYER. Though I believe that I have one or two more "use them or lose them days" to burn, I don't expect to be able to take any more vacation time before year's end. Pity.

Drivin' my life away
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Right now Curmudgeon and I are at Casper's Cherokee Steak Room in Eagan,MN to have dinner with my family (my parents and two of my three uncles). Then we're off to catch bad sword -n- sorcery films at [livejournal.com profile] chebutykin's place. This is a fitting finish to our Thanksgiving weekend.
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As a follow-up to my previous entry, I have to say I rather enjoyed my Christmas this year. [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon and I drove up to Antioch last night so that we could crash at [livejournal.com profile] roho and [livejournal.com profile] genet's place, which let us be able to see Curmudgeon's niece at 9 this morning without having to get up at 5 o'clock to make the eighty mile trek North. I must say that sometimes it's really quite convenient to have the keys to your best friend's house!

Curmudgeon and I did our gift opening yesterday morning, since neither of us really wanted to wait until we got home tonight. Curmudgeon gave me a number of very sweet, useful and sometimes funny gifts. They included holiday-themed boxers (Popeye with "Nice" on the front, Bluto with "Naughty" on the back), lighters, non-holiday boxers, a pair of flannel shirts, $50 towards some iTunes purchases and a new beard trimmer. Curmudgeon got gifts from me, the cats and Santa -- a new 20" wide-screen flat panel display for her computer (that may need to be exchanged already thanks to a stuck pixel), a book called "The Art of Justice," a brass cat figure that sits atop a flat-panel display, a Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS navigator (we took that with last night just for fun and it does a really incredible job in navigating... though I'm curious why it chose an entirely different route to get us home than the one it took us on to Antioch last night), a pair of decorated ceramic cats, some kitty-themed calendars and a Roomba 4210 Discovery.

Seeing Cassie open her presents was a lot of fun this morning. Curmudgeon's sister-in-law is even more hilarious when she opens packages -- I have some absolutely awesome shots of her gaping in shock and delight as she pulls the final shreds of wrapping from a box. Curmudgeon and I both got very cool gifts from her brother and his family (picture albums of Cassie, a gift certificate to Pier 1, a gift certificate to Menards and some custom-made cards from Cassie) as well as a delicious Christmas dinner of ham, chicken, beef, pasta and pie.

The only downside I can think of for today's events is that we were subjected to one of Cassie's gifts -- a brand-new DVD of High School Musical 2, which Cassie is absolutely smitten by and could watch Again and Again and Again. That film made my brain itch. I much preferred playing with one of Cassie's other presents, UNO Attack! Now that was a game that Curmudgeon, Cassie, Curmudgeon's brother, Curmudgeon's sister-in-law and I all seemed to have a lot of fun with. Oh yeah, I also left one of my new books at Roho and Genet's place. Trust me, though, that doesn't even compare to High School Musical 2.
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My parents hit the road at around 0815 this morning. On one level I feel relieved to have them out of the house, because things still aren't nearly unpacked and organized enough here to comfortably sustain company. On another level I miss them being here because I only see them twice a year at best, and the house feels a lot more lived-in when there's company. Stupid Catch-22.

To summarize my family's visit: They arrived at 1145 Friday morning and, once I got them situated in the house, they slept until late afternoon -- slim surprise when you take into account that they had left Florida at 1430 Thursday and driven through the night without stopping to sleep. That night our friends Heather and Garry K joined us for dinner at Cheddar's, just as planned. It was a pretty nice evening! There was plenty of good food as well as fun conversation. As an added bonus, we got my mother on the way to being soused by starting her off with Kahlua on the rocks and following it up with a Mudslide. I don't think any of us were prepared for how large that drink turned out to be. Amazingly, she finished the entire thing. Between her and my dad it's slim wonder I'm a lush, eh?

Saturday was relatively low-key and quiet. All of us lounged around the house while my parents continued to recover from their two weeks of work in Florida. Or maybe they were recovering from driving 1,200 miles in just under 22 hours straight. In the afternoon there was talk of them heading for home but we consulted the weather and decided that the snow wasn't worth worrying about. For dinner I treated everyone to bd's Mongolian Barbeque and then hauled them over to the new Bass Pro Shop. We split apart and wandered the store, each of us gravitating to the various areas that interested us -- my dad and I were in the hunting section in no time, mom went to check out the seafood restaurant and [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon was blissed out in the clothing section. While we looked over the selection of firearms Dad pointed out the FNH Five-seveN, which looks like a nice pistol. I may look into getting one at some point in 2008. I'm sure the state will work on making it nearly impossible to purchase the second I start getting serious about it, but that's a different rant.

We retired to the house around 2030 and watched the news to get a better idea of the weather for tomorrow. Naturally the local stations were making the snow out to be some sort of huge scary death-bringing Terror from the Arctic, boosting their early Saturday predictions of 1-2" in my area up to nearly 9" for the 9pm news. What the hell? All I had to do was look outside the house to see that there was barely even a flurry occuring, and when we came in after dinner there wasn't more than a quarter of an inch on the ground. The best part of the evening was probably when the reporter was interviewing people about how they were "coping" with the snow. During the interview the screen was showing side shots of earlier in the day where that same person was armed with a shovel and scraping maybe an eighth of an inch off a sidewalk. They barely even had a shovelful at the end of the walk, but I guess this was done to help convey the "hardship." Seriously, when did the northern Midwest get so terrified of snow? I don't get it.

Today I will relax, work on some house chores and plan an attack on Curmudgeon's malfunctioning computer.

Gosh darn, I said it feels so right
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Happy birthday to The Voice, otherwise known as [livejournal.com profile] datahawk! I'd threaten you with birthday spankings, but somehow I imagine you would hardly find that to be credible (or worrisome)...

In other news, yesterday afternoon I received a call from my parents to let me know they were packing up and planning to leave Florida pretty shortly. For the last two weeks they had been down there working on the largest remaining part of my grandfather's estate: the house. On their way home to the farm they plan to stop here for the night (even if I can't put them up in the guest room right now) just so they can spend a bit of time with [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon and I. Since I have plenty of vacation time to burn I figured I'd just stay home for today -- the only major thing that's going on at the office is the holiday party that $EMPLOYER puts on every year and I don't think that compares to having family visit.

Knowing how my father drives I expect that they'll be ringing my doorbell sometime later this afternoon. If things work out well our friends Heather and Garry K will be joining the four of us for dinner, maybe over at Cheddar's.
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... has brought good news. My father had his consultation with the doctor down at the VA today. The ultrasound/sonogram/whatever that was performed last Friday has been read by a radiologist and the doctor reports that my father does not, in fact, have an aneurysm on his aorta -- his aorta is just in a slightly different place than most other people.

I guess even cardiac surgeons will err on the side of caution when presented with unclear data. My father, ever pragmatic, looks at it this way: Hell... I'd rather he be concerned and give me a test that turns out to be unnecessary than overlook it and I blow the goddamn thing when I'm out tossing hay bales in the stable. This way I'm only slighy inconvenienced. The other way? I'd be dead.

Too true, Dad.

You never count your money when you're sittin' at the table.
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I am feeling guilty as I haven't written anything in this journal for a while. The usual disclaimers [work|life] apply. As I am currently a bit under the weather I'll just jot down a few bullet points...
  • Paperwork has arrived that proves the second lien on Z'ha'dum is released. I am now officially free of the second mortgage (taken at the same time as the first mortgage in 2004 so I could dodge PMI).

  • Plans are in motion to have [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon moved into Z'ha'dum by the end of August.

  • I haven't fixed the damage from the Expedition's little love-tap last month.

  • A few months ago my father was been diagnosed by the doctors at the VA with diabetes. Not surprising, really. Now he's also been diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy. This is a surprise. A year ago he would not think anything of walking six or eight miles through corn fields to hunt some pheasant. Now just walking to his goose blind in the back 20 acres is agony for him. In his words, "I never should have retired because now I'm falling apart."

  • [livejournal.com profile] ra_kitty is still fat and talky. He's also due for a vet appointment.

  • I bought a new paper shredder. It makes me happy.

  • I have the intense desire to commission somebody to draw Feren done up like Spider Jerusalem.

  • I owe [livejournal.com profile] ottr a beer, for he has pointed me towards Balls of Fury. Christopher Walken and a brilliant send-up of Mortal Kombat. You know I'm going to have to see that.

  • I'm planning to take some time off work and drag the Curmudgeon up to the farm so she can see where I grew up before it's completely turned into yuppie subdivision hell. I also am hoping to hit CONvergence so as to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] chebutykin and various other cool folks from the area.

  • [livejournal.com profile] tarinfirepelt has gotten me hooked on Sequential Art.
That's about all I can think of right now. More substantial entries will be made in the future.
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My father sent the following just a few days ago...
What did Mom teach me? )
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Even though I am fully aware that my mother doesn't read this journal (to be entirely honest she doesn't read anything on the Interwub) I'm going to take a moment to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. There are so many different things she's taught me over the years: compassion, how to be excited by science, the importance of knowing all the buttons on your washing machine and how to stay more stubborn than the Shetland pony that is trying to throw you out of the saddle (don't ask). She's always been unconditional with her love and has always, in the end, forgiven me for the stupid things I've said and done.

I won't say I was the best kid. I know I wasn't by any means easy to put up with when I was young and when I was a teenager... heh. Well, let me say that when I was a teenager it is anyone's guess as to how and why she never opted to put me down like a rabid dog. Even when I wasn't actively making her life frustrating there were those health issues when I was in fourth grade; those probably went a long way to making my mother's hair go gray so early. Oddly enough she's never held any of those things against me. If anything I would say it made her love for me that much stronger.

I am pretty damn lucky.

While I'm at it... I would like to extend this message of thanks to all the mothers who are reading this. From where I stand it does not matter if you are the mother of two children and a husband (Hey, males know that being married and being of legal age to vote does not exclude us from being childish at times) or if you're the "mother" of a four-legged critter like a dog or cat... you still play an important and vital role in the lives of those you touch. You are loved and deserve recognition for all that you do. Thank you. Happy Mother's Day.
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Before I write anything else I have to say that I'm amazed at the way this morning is starting. As I begin to scribble down these thoughts it is 0840 in the morning and nobody but myself is yet stirring in the house. This is something of a reversal of the usual way things play out when I have guests....

A Holiday in the Panfah's Household, 2006 Edition -- first time family has been here for a holiday, ever. )

With that I think I will close up the MacBook, grab myself a cup of coffee and prepare to get this day going.
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Z'ha'dum, when I bought it, came with a dual-basin kitchen sink. This is handy for washing dishes by hand as the house did not come with a dishwashing machine. As I rather enjoy doing dishes by hand this was okay by me. It helps me find a little piece of zen peacefulness when I'm up to my elbows in hot water and scrubbing on plates and glasses. But I digress from the real point here -- my two-basin kitchen sink. In the left basin there is an In-Sink-Erator food disposal. I found out from reading the disposal's label that the unit is a Badger 5 model which has served me faithfully since I bought the house way back in January of 2004. Until a little while ago, that is. One of the last times [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon was visiting we made chilli with pepper and onion and lots of other goodies. We dumped the remains of the vegetables into the sink and, when I flicked the disposal's wall switch, all I got was a dimming of the can light paired with a humming. Sadly, there was no disposal action. My InSinkErator disposal was no longer insinkerating (or, if you prefer, no longer disposing)! This situation was tolerable to me only because the basin could drain. Until tonight, when it wouldn't. Clearly something had to be done.

Surprisingly enough the "Disposal Doctor" on InSinkErator's website was able to help me resolve the problem. With a 1/4" Allen Wrench and my trusty flashlight I gave the Doctor's advice a try. I figured I had nothing to lose -- if this didn't work I could get a new unit from Lowe's tomorrow and install it sometime over the weekend. I crawled under the sink, set up my flashlight and grabbed my pack of Allen wrenches. Sure enough there was a wrench hole and it was indeed set up for a 1/4" Allen wrench. Unsurprisingly, upon my first experimental tug, the wrench did not turn. The Doctor said this might happen and that it was okay to use some force. I applied a bit more elbow-grease to the wrench and suddenly there was movement! I spun the wrench a bit in one direction, then back in the other, gradually working up to full circles. There was a rush of water as what was backed up into the basin was freed to flow and I reset the InSinkErator's built-in breaker, which I had tripped in my frustrated on-off switching action earlier this evening. With some trepidation I hit the wall switch but I was pleased to hear the normal whirring of the disposal and saw a steady flow of water disappearing down the drain. Success, I had a properly-functioning disposal that was back and insinkerating again!

I'm glad this worked out. While I would have enjoyed buying myself a shiny new 3/4 horsepower disposal I was not relishing the idea of spending the better part of a day underneath my sink ripping out old equipment and installing new.

In other news: this Friday afternoon will see the arrival of my parents on a holiday visit from Minnesota. I expect I'll be pretty busy but at some point Curmudgeon will have the chance to meet the people who spawned and raised me. I'll be getting a new couch (where am I going to put yet another piece of furniture?!?!) and some incredibly awesome oak bookshelves that my mother managed to find in the thrift ads. Hooray for bookshelves, I'll finally get my living room floor back from the stacks of manuals and texts that have been sitting there since I moved in!

It's a never-ending circus ride
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After we made the difficult decision to have the vet put Smudge to sleep, [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon was asked to make several more decisions about what would happen next. Curmudgeon already knew that she wanted to have Smudge cremated and the ashes returned. A very nice urn to hold the ashes was chosen from the assortment we were shown and an ornament found for it, to help make the memorial more unique. Before we left that night we were told the cremation service would send the urn and its contents back to the vet. Once it arrived, the staff at the vet's office would call one or both of us to let us know Smudge was ready. When we asked about the time frame, we were told the wait would be between one and two weeks. That was October 27th. Last night, Curmudgeon came home to find that she had received the voice-mail we have both been expecting and simultaneously dreading: Smudge's ashes and her urn are ready to be picked up.

Because the vet is so much closer to my home than Curmudgeon's (and closer still to my office), I have volunteered to go up to Schaumburg during today's lunch break. I'll bring Smudge's urn back home with me and keep her until Thanksgiving, which is the next time I will be able to see Curmudgeon up in Kenosha.

I teared up and stopped several times while I was writing this, because it reopens all the sadness and hurt. I'm going to hit the "post entry" button in my LJ client, then I'm going to go sit in the living room and hold [livejournal.com profile] ra_kitty in my lap. He's going to be given some very good hugs and petting before I shower and get ready for the day ahead.

Please, celebrate me home

Go me.

Jul. 15th, 2006 02:09 pm
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I have arrived home from Minnesota. Well, really, I got home at the beginning of this week -- I put my arrival time at around 2130 hours on Sunday the 9th -- but I didn't post about it because I was too tired from the drive and I still had to unload and then make phone calls and then get ready to return to work the following morning. It was good to see my family but I feel as if I wasn't there nearly long enough. I know that I helped ease my mother's burden by doing work around the farm but I feel like I didn't do nearly enough. I wanted to catch up with [livejournal.com profile] chebutykin and at the very least give her some long-overdue Christmas gifts, but my time just couldn't be made free enough.

I haven't really had time for LiveJournal reading, let alone writing in it. Please don't take offense in my lack of reading/writing in LJ, but it hasn't really been a priority these last few months. With the events of June that rocked my family, well, LiveJournal has slipped even further down my list of things that need my attention. This is where I assure my friends and associates in LJ-land, It's Not You, It's Me. But trust me, I miss y'all a great deal and I miss writing here. I'll work on getting back into the groove of things and boring everyone with details about my life as soon as I can.

In the interim, I want to make sure that people check in with [livejournal.com profile] genet and send her all their good thoughts. I lost my grandfather this June 30th, and even at 90 years old I lost him too soon. Genet's grandmother has been diagnosed with Lymphoma, and as I lost my aunt to liver cancer on June 24th and am myself a cancer survivor this is an incredible blow to me. I cannot begin to imagine how one of my closest friends feels when she is confronted with this. I'm here if you need me, Genet.

In lighter news, as I close this entry out and prepare to retreat to the darkness so I can watch my new Doctor Who Series 1 (2005) DVD set with [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon in the bliss that is my air conditioned home's den, I want everyone to consider this: The Expy failed its emissions test this morning but I was still able to buy my 2007 tab for the plates, regardless. Am I somehow wrong for thinking those facts are completely at odds with one another?

Maybe it was Southern summer nights
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I got back home at 11:40 tonight after a relatively uneventful flight out of HOU to MDW, with a layover in STL. I will be here at Z'ha'dum tomorrow just long enough to get ahold of work and explain why I won't be in, do a load of laundry, mow the lawn and try to beg the state of Illinois for an extension on my overdue-for-emissions-testing-and-thus-is-currently-running-on-expired-tags Expedition. I've resigned myself to the outrageous fine from the village due to the still-unrepaired condition of my siding.

For Bonus Fun Points I was having problems with the DSL line before I left. Upon my return the situation has gotten no better and troubleshooting this evening suggests that this goddamn POS BroadXent DSL modem has once again shit itself, so I'll have to deal with that as well when I get back. Insult to injury is fun, really. Can I please have a DSL modem that doesn't fuck up and eat its own head every six months? Please?

Shit, I need to refill Ra's prescription for Prednisolone or he's going to run out while I'm away. That makes item number 12 on today's glitch list.
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I got off the phone with my father about an hour and a half ago, shortly before I arrived home from the commute. He's green-lit the trip to Texas and also clarified on why my mother pushed back the way she did about my travelling. Once I was home I called my uncle's house and, receiving no answer, called the cell phone of my other uncle. I felt bad calling him since I knew he had just arrived in Texas with his wife this afternoon (after a 25-hour straight drive splitting shifts all the way from Northern MN). I was quickly passed to my now-widowed uncle and cleared my visit with him. I hung up with a plan of action in mind but was partially balked as it seems absolutely none of the airlines offer discounts for passengers traveling for a funeral service. What the fuck is up with that? Are their margins really that thin that they can't shave $60 off a $600+ dollar round-trip ticket? This will dent my pocketbook plenty -- $609 for the airplane tickets alone and another $100+ for the rental car, but I have to do this. Still, it doesn't change the fact that I feel like I'm taking a complete ass-beating on the price.

Price gripes aside, as of this very moment I have my plane tickets booked and my car reserved. I leave on Thursday and I'll be back on Saturday. Work is just going to have to cope with my taking emergency bereavement leave.

[livejournal.com profile] mephit -- I know you offered crash space while I was in the state and I really appreciate your generosity. Given that my uncle lives 2 hours outside of Houston I'll just stay at his house and lend whatever hand I can during my all-too-brief stay.

[Addendum at 2108: USB 2.0 can suck a bucket of ass. FireWire 400 (aka "First generation Firewire", not to be confused with FireWire 800 aka "Second Gen Firewire") is about five orders of magnitude faster than this shitheap of a protocol. It's taking forever to copy my entire MP3 collection onto the iPod in preparation for my flight, all because Apple completely abandoned FireWire on the video (5G) iPod because their user market is expanding so strongly in the PC arena and all the Windows mouth-breathers were confused by the shining beacon of hope that was IEEE-1394.


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