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In preparation for the arrival of my parents, who should be here any time in the next hour, I put a space heater into the guest bedroom and turned it on. The guest bedroom in my house is at the farethest end of the furnace's limits so it tends to be chillier than the rest of the house in winter and can use a bit of auxillary heating.

Five minutes after I turned the heater on, the lights in the master bedroom and the office (a repurposed bedroom) went dark. The UPS units in the office went bezerk. Was I having a brown-out? No, the furnace was still running and the light in the den was on.


Off to the laundry closet I go, where a few seconds of looking later I can find a tripped circuit breaker. I reset the breaker, turn the electric space heater in the guest room down and go back to the office. About a minute and a half later, the UPS alarms are going off again and I'm sitting in the (relative) dark.


Back up, back to the laundry room, reset the circuit breaker. [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon suggested replacing the big space heater with her smaller ceramic-based unit. I do so, and once again three minutes later it's BEEP-BEEP-BEEP in the dark time.

I have run a heater in the guest room before and never had this problem, so this new set of circumstances vexes me mightily. I am making my way out of the office and cursing when I notice in the living room the Christmas tree lights are off, too. Wait, what?

Reset the circuit breaker, turn off the heater in the guest room completely and review what I know. I knew that all three bedrooms are strung on a single electrical circuit, but why is the livingroom off? Back into the breaker panel I go, and I reread the chickenscratch handwriting on the legend. "Bedrooms/living room." Then I look at the breaker - it's 10 15 amps.


Ten Fifteen amps to run the master bedroom, the guest room, the living room and the office. But wait! I also know from tinkering about in my electrical panel that this same circuit also serves the master bathroom, the guest bathroom AND the garage. You know, the garage that has the flood lamps for the flag pole plugged into it.


The way I was taught electrical work, while growing up, was to put every room on its own circuit with its own breaker. Clearly the contractor who wired this house was taught no such thing and had no qualms snaking wire hither, thither and yon throughout the walls and connecting an unnecessarily long leg attach to a single breaker. This explains everything: with the new flood lamps for the flag pole running off the garage, the exterior Christmas lights running off the garage, the Christmas tree lights running in the guest room and the various other electronic widgetry I've added over the intervening years (cell phone charges, new clock radio, etc) I've taken this breaker and pushed it to the very edge. The additional resistive load of a space heater takes that precarious balance and kicks it right off the cliff.

Great, so now I know what I'm doing for my spring project in the house! In the next few months I'll be plotting which walls are coming down, amassing conduit to put in and when it's "Go Time" I will be replacing this snarl of copper-clad aluminum crap with proper romex. I'll have to hire an electrical contractor to replace the breaker panel (it's far too small and doesn't have nearly enough breaker positions to take each room onto its own circuit) but that's fine. Hell, while I'm in there I'll have to see about the feasibility of pulling a 50 amp 240 line into the garage to run a sub-panel so I can put in my welder and air compressor.

I can't help but keep coming back to the thought that some lazy bastard thought a single 110v 15 15 amp breaker serving all those rooms was acceptable or even "good enough." Oh, to travel back in time and slap some contractors...
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  • I slept until 10:25 in the morning (mostly). It was glorious.
  • We took items to Goodwill.
  • We dropped off items at Half Price Books, and I got a Neil Young and a Johnny Cash album (vinyl, you savages) out of the deal.
  • Consumed tasty dinner at Family Square. Mmm, steak and eggs.
  • The kitchen is mostly cleaned. I have to finish scrubbing two iron sittings and a plate, but you wouldn't believe how nice things look in the kitchen now.
  • I inventoried over 105 videos (including multi-disc boxed sets) in my collection, putting them in MediaMan. This represents just under 1/5 of the total collection. I can't complain.
  • Deboxed and sleeved [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon DVD collection after she entered them in MediaMan.
  • Tomorrow, [livejournal.com profile] twanfox and I get to see the Chicago Bulls play. From a skybox. Win!
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Thanks to yesterday's events I had to go out out toilet hunting last night. With [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon in tow I visited a few stores, including Menards, shopping around to see what was available and at what price points. At Lowes I found a toilet from Crane that I considered to be a reasonable price (sub-$100). I like this one because it had a reasonable price and came with pretty much all the parts I needed, including a new wax seal. The really cool American Standard model that can flush a bucket of golf balls was over $180 and didn't come with a wax ring, bolts or even a seat. Speaking of seats, we also selected a new toilet seat since the stock plastic white one that comes with the Crane looked lame. Upon check-out I was able to put the $50 gift card I was given at Christmas by [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon's brother to good use, which knocked the total sale under $40. The new toilet won't win any design or beauty contests, but fashion for the crapper was not my primary goal.

I got home, bailed the old toilet with bucket and sponge until it was "dry enough," pulled it out and chucked it on the lawn (I'm so white trash). Then came the prep work of cleaning off the old wax seal, getting the new one in place, setting the bolts, applying the plumber's putty and seating the new toilet in place. It took a bit of work to get everything lined up but eventually I got the basin seated. My only real complaint at that point was that the anchor bolts that came with the new toilet are so long that they're holding the caps off the toilet's base. Better too long than too short, though, so I'll keep my complaining to a minimum. I made quick work of getting the water tank attached and then plumbed in the supply line. It was time to take the toilet for a a test flush!

The good news was the new toilet flushed pretty well and it looked like the wax seal seated just fine. The bad news was there was water pooling on the tile, so I had a leak somewhere, probably up near the tank. I did some exploring and discovered that the leak was not the seal between tank and basin, it was the water supply line! Water was dripping from where it attached to the tank as well as where it was attached to the shut-off valve. A bit of poking didn't yield any result and so I called it quits at 2030 to give [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon her Valentine's Day gifts. I was going to need a new line, preferably one that wasn't so long that it would kinked up as badly as this one had gotten, and I didn't feel like going out for Yet More Parts last night.

This morning, after a bit of frustration while playing "guess the size of the nut," I managed to take the old supply line off the toilet and the valve so I could do some proper measuring. The old line was vinyl, 12" in length and around 11/16" in diameter. I needed something that was more like 8" in length so it wouldn't have to bend and twist. I made a quick trip over to Lowes and found a 9" supply line in braided stainless steel for around $4. While I was there I also figured out what size the nut was (16mm... what the hell! Fits a 3/8" outer diameter pipe thread and is metric?!). Bought the hose, came back home, found my adjustable wrench and set to putting the new line in. 9" is a bit longer than the 8" I really need so I had to do a bit of bending on the line, but it went in relatively easy. Tightened down the valve nut, tightened down the tank nut and turned the valve on. Shortly after I took it for a test flush and ... everything worked. With no leaks this time. Hooray!

So that's the conclusion of the gust toilet replacement saga. If I had to guess I would say the crack that necessitated the replacement of the toilet began when I tried to put a new flush handle on the old toilet... and then I had a leaking supply line when I put the new toilet in... etc etc.

Let this be a lesson in home ownership: Never touch anything.
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Broken toilet: I has one.

I was planning to replace the float valve on the guest bath's toilet this afternoon, since it had broken down and was running even when the tank was full and the float had moved to the "off" position. Alas, as I was getting ready to do the work, the toilet's water tank cracked. A quick fill-up confirmed my fear: the crack is terminal and leaks. I could empty the tank, dry it out and epoxy the inside but I'd still have a crack on the outside... and if the crack decided to grow I'd have a fresh leak. I would prefer not to take that chance.

As replacement of the tank itself is unlikely, I now embark on a shopping trip for a new toilet.
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Unbeknownst to me, January 13th of this year (2009) was the fifth anniversary of me buying the house. Has it really been five years as a home owner? I guess it has.

Go me.
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The gentleman from A-Elmhurst Refrigerator Repair showed up today at 10 AM (I later found out he was subcontracted from Wheaton Refrigerator Repair, according to the service sticker he put on the fridge before he left). When I called in yesterday I had been told that I could expect "Scott" between 9 and 11 AM today. Curmudgeon and I both figured this would be a case of the "waiting for the cable guy," so when he showed up at 10 on the dot it was a pleasant surprise. )

Amana death

Dec. 5th, 2008 04:36 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon just called me at work, in tears, because our kitchen fridge/freezer has apparently decided to stop fridge/freezing. While something of a surprise, this wasn't entirely unexpected to me; the compressor has been running non-stop for the last week or so. I suspect the compressor may have finally failed, but I don't know for certain and don't have the time to deal with troubleshooting or fixing it myself (though I would really rather do it myself). So a repair man will be stopping by tomorrow between 0900 and 1100 to provide an estimate and possibly repair it, assuming the price of the repair work isn't too outrageous when compared to buying a whole new unit.

In the mean time our food was getting thawed/not chilled and Curmudgeon didn't know what to do with the it. I suggested she grab our cooler and totes from the garage, put the food into those and take them outside to make use of the giant walk-in freezer that Nature has gifted us with since late November. I have no real doubt that the totes and cooler will keep local wildlife out of my food while the 15 degree temps outside will preserve it until we have a working unit again (one way or another I'll have a running fridge and freezer come late Saturday).
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Nothing, except an unending hatred for cellulose insulation and the knowledge that my roof was built using trusses instead of stick framing. Oh, and that I need to go back up there next weekend with some duct tape and tape some venting hoses back together so they actually reach the vents instead of laying open on top of the insulation. And that the attic space above my den is not accessible from the attic space above the house proper, lending further to my belief that this was added on and not part of the original floorplan.

At least I didn't fall through my ceiling. )
You can't always get what you want
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Before I write anything else I have to say that I'm amazed at the way this morning is starting. As I begin to scribble down these thoughts it is 0840 in the morning and nobody but myself is yet stirring in the house. This is something of a reversal of the usual way things play out when I have guests....

A Holiday in the Panfah's Household, 2006 Edition -- first time family has been here for a holiday, ever. )

With that I think I will close up the MacBook, grab myself a cup of coffee and prepare to get this day going.
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Z'ha'dum, when I bought it, came with a dual-basin kitchen sink. This is handy for washing dishes by hand as the house did not come with a dishwashing machine. As I rather enjoy doing dishes by hand this was okay by me. It helps me find a little piece of zen peacefulness when I'm up to my elbows in hot water and scrubbing on plates and glasses. But I digress from the real point here -- my two-basin kitchen sink. In the left basin there is an In-Sink-Erator food disposal. I found out from reading the disposal's label that the unit is a Badger 5 model which has served me faithfully since I bought the house way back in January of 2004. Until a little while ago, that is. One of the last times [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon was visiting we made chilli with pepper and onion and lots of other goodies. We dumped the remains of the vegetables into the sink and, when I flicked the disposal's wall switch, all I got was a dimming of the can light paired with a humming. Sadly, there was no disposal action. My InSinkErator disposal was no longer insinkerating (or, if you prefer, no longer disposing)! This situation was tolerable to me only because the basin could drain. Until tonight, when it wouldn't. Clearly something had to be done.

Surprisingly enough the "Disposal Doctor" on InSinkErator's website was able to help me resolve the problem. With a 1/4" Allen Wrench and my trusty flashlight I gave the Doctor's advice a try. I figured I had nothing to lose -- if this didn't work I could get a new unit from Lowe's tomorrow and install it sometime over the weekend. I crawled under the sink, set up my flashlight and grabbed my pack of Allen wrenches. Sure enough there was a wrench hole and it was indeed set up for a 1/4" Allen wrench. Unsurprisingly, upon my first experimental tug, the wrench did not turn. The Doctor said this might happen and that it was okay to use some force. I applied a bit more elbow-grease to the wrench and suddenly there was movement! I spun the wrench a bit in one direction, then back in the other, gradually working up to full circles. There was a rush of water as what was backed up into the basin was freed to flow and I reset the InSinkErator's built-in breaker, which I had tripped in my frustrated on-off switching action earlier this evening. With some trepidation I hit the wall switch but I was pleased to hear the normal whirring of the disposal and saw a steady flow of water disappearing down the drain. Success, I had a properly-functioning disposal that was back and insinkerating again!

I'm glad this worked out. While I would have enjoyed buying myself a shiny new 3/4 horsepower disposal I was not relishing the idea of spending the better part of a day underneath my sink ripping out old equipment and installing new.

In other news: this Friday afternoon will see the arrival of my parents on a holiday visit from Minnesota. I expect I'll be pretty busy but at some point Curmudgeon will have the chance to meet the people who spawned and raised me. I'll be getting a new couch (where am I going to put yet another piece of furniture?!?!) and some incredibly awesome oak bookshelves that my mother managed to find in the thrift ads. Hooray for bookshelves, I'll finally get my living room floor back from the stacks of manuals and texts that have been sitting there since I moved in!

It's a never-ending circus ride
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Has anybody else seen this shit? Or this?

Why am I just finding out about this now, almost a year after this got started? Why do I see echos of Kelo -v- City of New London in this? Where's the OUTRAGE and the news coverage? Why is the possible (later mostly-debunked) killer of Jon Benet getting press coverage while this sort of douchery is occurring on Capitol Hill? Why isn't this getting hours of air time on various television stations? Opiate of the masses, indeed. Ignorance shall reign and we all shall suffer.

It would appear that the American Dream is in actual jeopardy here. If I wasn't before, I am now Gravely Concerned about the direction our nation is heading in. I mean, seriously... we're talking about altering the very thing that makes the ownership of a home -- the essence of the american dream and the envy of lots of other cultures and nations -- a reality. When we start talking seriously about alterations like this there's something seriously wrong. So, is the deduction of mortgage interest a right, something afforded to us by the Constitution? No. But it's a privilege we award to those who have worked hard and who have shown they can do the due dilligence, think intelligently and are trustworthy of such high risk debts. America encourages home owners in an effort to magnify wealth and increase the standard of living for those who are dedicated to achieving a goal. Financially speaking I am doing pretty well for myself (at least for a 27 year-old unmarried male I think I am) and I am very dilligent about paying down my mortgage faster than my note holders may expect (average of $300/mo extra is going in towards principle), but that doesn't make me rich by any means. In truth it's only through tax code that says I'm allowed to deduct my mortgage interest that I'm really able to bear the cost of owning property and a house in one of Chicago's booming suburbs. Believe me, if I could move somewhere that wasn't exploding at the speed of light and still be able to work in my particular job arena at my acknowledged pay rate, I would.

This strike against the middle-class (and honestly the upper crust will be hit too, but the middle class will feel the biggest pinch because they've got the least margin for change) had better not be a result of an effort to offset the cost of our multitude of military actions -- if it is then the terrorists really have won. The idea of terrorism is, at the very root, to make your opponent so afraid or overextended that they end up waging an attack against their own base of power and ideals. Something this drastic is right up their alley as a goal.

To add to the fun: since the wiretap bill seems to be moving forward for warrantless monitoring of communications within the USA it seems to be simply a matter of time until privacy is an ill-remembered thing of the past. Have you had your daily allotment of Newspeak, citizen? Sounds alarmist, I know... but there was a time just a few years ago when I thought the Kelo ruling could never happen in our nation -- and I was proved wrong. Things do not indicate a trend towards improvement since then.

Do it in the name of love
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My summons for today's court appearance over the little matter of a missing piece of fascia was very clear in its instructions: it specified that my appearance was scheduled for 1330 hours today and that I should appear no less than 15 minutes early for check-in and documentation. Never one to risk infuriating the people who can leverage vast fines against me or -- thanks to that hum-dinger of a SCOTUS ruling on Kelo -v- New London -- actually take my home... I showed up earlier than they asked. I got to the court lobby at 1305 today... and at 1320 I was still standing in line with everyone else. Why? Because nobody from the village was around to unlock the doors for those who showed up to court! We milled about in the lobby, wondering exactly when or if the "fifteen minute rule" could be applied to civil affairs. At 1328 somebody emerged from the court room and proceeded to unlock the doors, allowing us to file in and begin processing our documentation with the clerk. Weak excuses were made that the "usual clerk" was on vacation today, but that was little consolation to my aching left ankle.

So remember, kids: when working with government offices or individuals, you are expected to be early... but they are under zero obligation to extend you the courtesy of being timely themselves. I'm fairly certain there have been civil wars over this. Yes, I know I shouldn't be surprised by this foolishness and yes, I have been to the DMV before. Still, this was ridiculous. For my friends in civil service (looking at you, [livejournal.com profile] hakeber), I understand the public is a mob of slobbering idiots and that you can hardly be held accountable for delays you didn't cause, but this was case of the village dropping a steamer on its constituents because all parties involved are untouchable and you're entirely at their mercy. Calling the judge to task on it is just going to land you a charge of contempt, so you suck it down and they get to smirk at you with full knowledge what they've gotten away with. This might not have been quite so frustrating to me had I not had to stand on my bum foot for over twenty minutes. If the judge/clerk/et all weren't ready they still could have allowed us inside the courtroom to sit down while they got their ducks in the row.

Regardless of the delays everything else went more or less as I expected. I was the fourth or fifth person called and when I approached the bench I entered a plea of no contest (I can hardly deny the fascia is missing on that 10ft stretch of my roof). I think this rather surprised the judge, since up until I got there people were entering pleas of "not guilty" for their citations about yard grass being too long or parking too far away from the curb. So the fine against me was upheld, I agreed to pay the fee today and then the judge bickered with the Code Enforcement officer assigned to my case. The officer seemed to think that I should get this fixed tomorrow now that I've admitted fault on public record, but the judge seemed to understand my argument that the work to be done is so piddly that I can't get anybody to fix the bloody problem without buying new windows or a new roof! Eventually they settled between themselves and issued me 12/1/06 as the "Date of expected compliance," after which I get another $120 "financial incentive" to resolve the matter. We shall see if I can somehow work a miracle and do in under 3 months what I've been trying to get done for well over a year. I won't even go into the fiasco that ensued afterward, when the city tried to send me on my way with no documented proof of my appearance, the payment or the new date after I paid the fine.

In other news tangentially related to government: After my time at the city hall was done I took the Expedition down to Joliet for emissions testing. It would appear that cleaning my MAF was indeed the fix, because in the 350+ miles since I did that work I haven't had the "Check Engine" light come on. I got my ticket, pulled in for testing and held my breath. Hooray, the Expy breezed through the testing station with flying colors. That's one less thing for me to worry about. Now all that's left is... everything else.

In Birmingham they love the governor
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I call bullshit on that! I dare say I got the zoning and planning commission's full attention with my petition, which represented a one hundred percent opposition to the proposed project from all the neighbors adjoining the parcel in question, and a seventy-six percent opposition from homes across the street and nearby. When the vote came the entire commission bowed out, tabling the issue and asking the construction firm to hold a meeting with the neighborhood to see if a compromise can be reached.

The phrase that paid tonight? "If the residents don't buy into this, you can scrap this development plan."

The upcoming three weeks are going to be a very interesting time in this neighborhood.
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Attention! Calling all pine needle scales who have infested my shrubs -- namely, my Mugo Pines on the front step: Your doom has been prophesized by He Who Pays the Mortgage! Make your peace, little bugs, for the end draws nigh. Perhaps you noticed the unexpected rain that fell today upon that which you call your home? Did you notice the strange coloration and scent that it carried? It was a strange rain indeed, was it not? That would be because it was laced with SEVIN! Put your heads between your legs and kiss your hard-shelled white abdomens goodbye, for part one of my Evil Plan of Insect Doom was completed today when I rained down hot liquid insectiside death upon you!


Of course, the SEVIN was just the beginning, a foundation for the Evil Plan of Insect Doom. Once the frost sets this fall I will mix up a special dilution of horticultural oil and suffocate you to death as the winter comes. Count your days, little sap-suckers, and count them closely... for soon I shall asphyxiate you.

You chose the wrong ornamental shrubs to dine on, laddies, and I intend to correct your mistake.

Act like you know
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So yeah, did I mention Ra tried to blow me straight to Hell yesterday?

Friday morning I got up for work at my usual time, checked in with [livejournal.com profile] crackjackal over AIM and then went about my morning routine as quickly as possible. Right as I went into the bathroom to get my shower I heard the cat howling and whining in the hallway. I wasn't particularly in the mood to put up with this so I figured I should feed him before actually jumping into the tub if I didn't want to be serenaded through my entire ritual of soaking, scrubbing and rinsing. When I walked out of the bedroom and into the hallway I thought I smelled something odd but I quickly dismissed it without much thought since my sinuses have been acting bad as of late. A natural consequence of this condition (the result of a broken nose I suffered as a child) is that my sense of smell is anything but acute these days, so consequently my reaction is to second-guess everything. In this case I really wish I hadn't.

I arrived in the kitchen to find that Ra had already assumed his place on the kitchen chair so I could feed him without having to expend much effort coaxing him off the floor and away from my feet. I got the food into his bowl without any incident and he proceeded to chow down in typical fashion -- which is to say he shoved his face into his bowl and proceeded to inhale his entire cupful of food almost whole. Since he was taken care of the for the morning I knew I could go take my shower unmolested, but instead I decided to do something a little different than usual. This proved to be a far more fortuitous decision than I could have imagined at the time. I thought that since I was already in the kitchen I should be productive and make the best of my presence there before returning to my bathroom for the Great Cleansing. My plan was eloquent in its simplicity, yet it was underpinned with cunning: I would get a glass of water and take my vitamins for the day before taking my shower or brushing my teeth, thus avoiding the nasty taste of toothpaste later. As I was reaching to open the refrigerator I realized that I had indeed smelled something: the cloying scent of natural gas was nearly overpowering once my sinuses granted me a temporary reprieve and I could once again sample the air around me. Very slowly I lowered my hand from where I held the handle on the refrigerator door. There I stood as I took careful stock of my situation, the seconds ticking by as my heart raced in preparation for the inevitable ker-WHAM! of an explosion. I was surrounded by volatile gas, something I had only now just realized... and I was still wondering where the leak might be. My immediate thought was that the pilot had gone out on my water heater, but the scent of the gas was incredibly strong where I was already standing, so I ruled out the utility or the furnace closet which were quite a distance away. I couldn't allow myself to believe they were the origin of the wayward oxidizer, because if they were I was truly up the proverbial creek without the equally proverbial paddle. Having made such an immense leap of logical deduction (Holmes would be so proud) I slowly turned my head to the left and gave the stove a once-over. I quickly spotted the culprit: one knob for the forward burner had been twisted partway over and thus was allowing gas to pass to the burner, but it hadn't actually ignited and thus hadn't burned off.

A heartbeat later I was able to piece together how this situation had come to pass: The night previous I had caught Ra on the kitchen counter and scolded him, chasing him off with the spray bottle I use to correct him when he's misbehaving. Not wanting to be squirted with water the cat had naturally leapt to the floor from his perch on the cutting board and fled for the living room in the hopes that I would not pursue him. He was right, I didn't... instead I opted to go back to the couch to catch the last part of Stargate: Atlantis. In hindsight I should regret this decision.

When Ra jumped down he must have knocked one of the dials for the range over far enough to let gas out but not actually cause the electronic igniter to fire. If anything had sparked Friday morning (say, my lighter for my morning cigarette), well, I think I said it best to Ashryn when I said you'd be making plan to attend my funeral right about now... or at least to visit me in the burn ward.

I oh-so-carefully turned the errant burner's knob to "off" and then opened the kitchen window. Once I had some fresh air circulating I retreated to my bedroom so that I could get a shower, hoping against hope that while I was sequestered in the other part of the house the kitchen would air out without any sparks igniting the fumes that hung like fog near the stove. Approximately twenty minutes later I emerged once more, feeling refreshed and just a bit calmer. I gave the kitchen a thorough inspection and determined that the immediate threat had passed -- the room was clear.

The fucking cat isn't even on my beneficiary list and he's trying to off me. What does it say when your own pet tries to reduce you to your component atoms? I mean... I nearly died in a trap laid by a cat that pukes more than a teenage girl with anorexia nervosa the night before the senior prom. To go out that way would have been just plain embarrassing.

I guess it's time to invest in some child-proofing locks for the range's dials. I never imagined it would come to this, but life is full of surprises like that.

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
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.. I am looking at this remarkably affordable proximity badge system and seriously considering buying it for Z'ha'dum. I can pair it off with an automatic door strike and thus have a really nice keyless entry system that would still be perfectly secure should a power failure happen. It would also be a lot nicer than having to fumble around with a key for the deadbolt when it's late at night and I forgot to leave the porch light on.

Last night after school was pretty relaxing and good for my soul: I came home, vegged in front of the TV and then invited myself over to Heather's place around 8pm. Heather and Gary recently obtained a newly refelted eight-foot pool table and set it up in their heated garage, which has become their quasi-permanent recreation room and bar. After making my introductions to the other folks who were visiting I proceeded to drink too much, smoke too much and shoot pool. Apparently [livejournal.com profile] arphalia is my good luck charm... every time she was on AIM and chatting with me I ran the table, and when she wasn't around I had my ass handed to me. Around a quarter to midnight I said good night to everyone at Heather's and drove home. Once I was back at the house I engaged in drunken telephone tomfoolery, with the topic of discussion ranging from serious to seriously amusing. Eventually I fell over for sleep at 1:30.

Right now I'm waiting for a phone call from the roofers -- the plan was that they'd call about an hour ahead of time to confirm their appointment. The appointment is scheduled for noon and there's still been no word from them, so I'm starting to wonder what's going on. I have a contingency plan for today, however, so I'm not worried about it in the least. I'll give them fifteen minutes past the appointment time, and if they don't show up I'll just make an early departure for the Northern suburbs. I'm planning to hit BD's with [livejournal.com profile] roho and [livejournal.com profile] genet, then we'll go back to the apartment with the express purpose of tossing back some gin and tonics while watching Babylon 5. I also will get to see the drawings that Genet put in my sketchbooks since she's doing me the honor of breaking them in -- I keep getting told these sketches are something to behold, and I've been waiting very patiently for the last few days. My breaking point has nearly been reached ... with all the teasing I've received about them my curiousity is positively killing me.

Let me be your armour


Mar. 11th, 2004 10:19 am
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I confirmed this morning the fascia is still hanging off the south side of Z'ha'dum, and while checking in on it before leaving for work I noticed what looked like another piece coming loose in the same general vicinity. That's not a good sign, especially when you factor in today's wind advisory for the Chicago suburban area. This leaves me to wonder if any of the fascia will be left when I get home tonight, or if I'll only have a few pieces of twine and the marked-up siding to remember it by. If it does decide to go sailing through my neighborhood I fervently hope none of the soffets decide to go with...
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I was going to do a detailed write-up about my incredibly pleasant weekend playing host to [livejournal.com profile] ashryn and [livejournal.com profile] arphalia, but the storm that blew into town Saturday night has put a bit of a crimp in my plans....

50 mph winds + loose aluminum = TEH SUCK )
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My water bill arrived last night, and I just opened it. The total isn't what scares me, oh no. What I really want to know is how the hell I managed to use 2,000 gallons in the span of 42 days! I mean, yes... I do enjoy taking long, hot showers but I can't account for forty-seven gallons per day with that!

All I can say to that is "wow."
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Today was somewhat productive if nothing else. I did my usual thing at work, dropped off all the misdirected mail I'm receiving with the realtor, broke down some boxes from the move and put the backdrop up on my fish tank after trimming it to size. I also had the questionable pleasure of moving my old Sun Ultra 2 machine (the second "panther" server in the series of machines to carry that hostname) and various accessories (including one hernia-inducing APC Smart-UPS 2200) out of my coworker's apartment and into the Blue Room of Death. My back is a screaming montage of pulled muscles and slipped discs.

Other things that I did this evening included sorting my recycling, cleaning up an incredible amount of Ra harf and hanging some more pieces of artwork on the walls of Z'ha'dum. I'm so exciting.

Before I get ready for bed I find myself plagued with a number of different thoughts, and while this flood of cogitation is a bit unnerving I still welcome it because it provides a much-needed distraction. Tonight the thoughts are covering a wide range of topics and include excitement that my 6.1 surround speaker set has arrived at last (I pick it up from the UPS office tomorrow), a rant that I want to write (pretentious people can suck on a stick of dynamite with a lit fuse), some self-doubt (take this life and... keep it?) and the familiar tingling sensation in my stomach that I have come to identify as longing for the "good old days" (that in many ways were not-so-good). I wonder if I'll have any interesting dreams tonight.

Roam if you want to


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