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I don't know if this is because sleep and my overly vivid dreams are what I feel comfortable writing about when compared to other things, or what. I guess it doesn't matter, because at least I'm writing here again.

Last night was a ripe example of "Generic Armchair Dream Interpretation 101." First I dreamt about work, which was mostly my subconscious trying to process through some of yesterday's events and the anxiety and uncertainty I felt around it. After processing through it by dreaming about the office, my subconscious decided to show it off in full Technicolor glory by changing to a different dream entirely.

In the second dream I was back at high school. Before you ask, yes, I was wearing pants. I'm not sure if I was appropriately aged, or if I was my current age. All I recall is wandering through my old high school in a sort of aimless manner. I knew that I needed to be in a class, but I wasn't sure which one. I also couldn't remember the last time I'd attended the class, so maybe I was already really far behind! I started worrying about where I needed to be, what class I was late for, where my locker was... so I booked it to the office and stood in line. When finally it was my turn to be helped I ended up quoting a current-day internet meme to the office administrator as some sort of lame response to her greeting, then asked for a copy of my transcript... and my current course enrollment and schedule.

As I said, it doesn't take a highly-trained professional to see that the high school dream was all about uncertainty and looking for my "place" in my current environment. You wouldn't even need any real context of the dream before, you could just ask one or two basic questions about my day/week/month at work or at home and figure out that I'm struggling to figure out where I fit in... and feeling more than a little bit that I don't have a good grasp of everything that's going on, that I don't have control of my situation.

In completely not-dream-related and uninteresting news, it snowed, then it melted. This is the second winter where there's been negligible accumulation by mid-February. I fear we are in for another long, dry and hot summer. What happened to the snow days and blizzards of my youth in Minnesota? Was it just Minnesota? I find it difficult to believe that Illinois in the 80s didn't get blizzards and regularly have snow days.

As the winter winds litter London with lonely hearts
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Friday night I had a dream where I was back at the office building $EMPLOYER used to occupy. It was an odd dream where I and some other folks had been invited back to the annex building to review some of the enhancements the new tenant had put in. I remember walking into the part of the building that had been our data center and talking extensively about the number of rows of racks we had when we were there as well as the challenges around some of the design.

I woke up feeling rather melancholy after that. I dream frequently about the old office location, it seems. I am not having them as frequently as I had the dreams about dying in a freak elevator accident at that building, but I can tell there's part of me that wants to go back to that time. Was it a better time back then? I am pretty sure we didn't play mouse-ball soccer and smash hard drives with antenna masts because we were happy. So I'm not sure why itOr just rose-colored glasses on the past?

I can feel my soul, it's bleeding
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Attention [livejournal.com profile] spoothbrush: I am formally requesting that you please stop appearing in my dreams. Mainly, I find it unsettling when you show up in my parents garden in the middle 10 acres of their farm to work on your syllabus/thesis. Worse yet, this leads to me finding a pull box full of fiber that I knew should not be on the property! So then I have to open the box and confirm what is going through there (fiber, duh).

And that was before we ended up moving to the back 20 acres to get away from.... something. At which point I answered your comment that it was a peaceful area with "Yeah, but sometimes in the winter when I'm riding the snowmobile over that hill I catch air and surprise the hell out of deer and rabbits." Which is true, but not really helpful and is rather orthogonal to the discussion at hand.

No, [livejournal.com profile] captain18, I didn't put any moves on your wife in my dream.

Silly dream

Aug. 3rd, 2009 09:59 am
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Most everyone who has met me in person or has seen a photograph of me knows that I sport a bald head. To paraphrase Rusty Venture, "God shaves my head, and I take care of the sides he leaves behind."

Last night I dreamed I had a full head of hair. Like... 80s hair. Like... Cyndi Lauper hair. And I was not happy about it, because I had to cut it all off and stuff it in a garbage can in order to get back to being bald.

Funny how when I "get my hair back" I'm not thankful, I'm annoyed.
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Last night I dreamt I was moonlighting for [livejournal.com profile] blueadept's $employer, working third shift.


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Last night I spent the last hour or so before bed cleaning firearms. I started by stripping down and cleaning the Blackhawk, which is in lovely condition and I want to keep it that way. Then I went back to my project of getting the last flecks of corrosion/rust off the Sigma's slide. Once everything was done I tucked it everything back into the safe, turned off the lights and called it a night.

And then I dreamed of the Zombie Apocalypse, Left 4 Dead style.

I think my subconscious decided that if I was spending that much time tending to pistols I should put them to use. It also decided that having a 10 gauge shotgun as a sidearm (complete with a cowboy-esque holster that matches the one for the Blackhawk) would be useful when the undead come for us. Good thing [livejournal.com profile] ottr and the rest of us survivors holed up in something that was part Gander Mountain, part Bass Pro Shop - where better to take refuge when you have a need for ammunition? It was also good that we had roof access and the zombies never figured out how to climb the ladders on the side of the building!

Yeah, I cleaned guns and then dreamed about the undead rising against us. I can't begin to guess where my brain got that idea from.
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I woke up this morning from an incredibly detailed and elaborate dream that revolved exclusively around the 52B outdoor telecommunications cabinet being used by Ameritech SBC AT&T to roll out Project Pronto Project Lightspeed U-verse high-speed data services in my neck of the woods. There's currently a great deal of controversy in my neighboring suburbs that surrounds these boxes.

I wish I was joking in what I just said, but I actually did have a dream that I was involved in some sort of neighborhood action and had to explain how big the cabinet was, why it was so big, what was inside it and how the fans could be made to be even more quiet than they already were so as not to disturb the environment the cabinet is placed in.

When you have detailed dream about work-related stuff like telcom gear instead of something fun like snowmobiling or racing cars or whatnot... it's time to get a hobby and find something to distract the reptile brain with.

down to the wire
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At 4:55 this morning I woke up from a nightmare, drenched in sweat, absolutely convinced that my employer had dismissed me due to a physical altercation with an employee who held a black belt in karate (I dunno either, but it made sense at the time). After I got a glass of water and dropped my heart rate back down into the double digits I laid in bed with Ra and contemplated: does being fired from my job really constitute a nightmare or not? I fell asleep pondering this so naturally the next dream I had also involved work themes and had vaguely nightmarish qualities.

This trend can stop any time now.

I need to get away
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Those of you who have known me for a while are aware that I am prone to "bad" dreams or flat-out nightmares. Over the last two years it has become a regular occurance for me to startle awake at some ridiculously early hour in the morning, often by flailing or jerking upright. This usually leads to me slamming my skull into the bookshelf that is built into my headboard, which has already left one scar and will probably lead to more if I don't put in a more "traditional" headboard soon.

Sometimes these rude awakenings happen two or even three times over the course of a night. For the majority of these terrors, I have no idea what causes them or serves as fuel for them. Am I too stressed out? Am I worried about someone or something? Do I have too much caffeine in my diet? Is Ra sleeping on my face? I really don't know It could be any one of those things, a combination thereof, or something totally different.

The set of nightmares I woke up from today at 3:48 were particularly vivid and (for personal reasons) unsettling, but at least I have an explanation for them: there is little doubt that watching the high-definition, widescreen 2003 remake of the 1974 horror cult classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre did not help things even one iota.

Over the line
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Looking back on today, if I were to summarize it I could almost make it out to be a fortune cookie or a horoscope.

You will wake from a dream so real you will always remember it as the first time you touched her.

A filling meal will rekindle fond memories.

A conversation with a friend will bring unexpected laughter.

Great change is nigh.

And that would have been my horoscope for today.


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