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This actually happened today during a conversation over AIM. I had to share it here.

Ever see a jackal chase her own tail? )
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I came home after today's MFF meeting to find the following tidbit posted by [livejournal.com profile] crackjackal, and I just had to share it here.

I Did It Again

Another quick short. This time featuring Feren and his favorite way to die (which he does wonderfully) in Halo. Keep in mind, these are all for fun-- I'm seriously not looking to be professional. Just goofy. :P

This has positively made my day ... we all know the Schticky plasma grenades = lurve, right? ^_^

Tune into the program
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[livejournal.com profile] ashryn left a little surprise waiting for me: A spanking-new icon that will, without doubt, see plenty of use in the future!


Beautiful. Thank you, jaql.
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A little snippet of dialog between [livejournal.com profile] urocyon and I that happened online tonight....

Feren says, "Okay, what the FUCK was that all about?" *stares at his server and the network*
Urocyon says, "No..no, I don't think putting that down will help me any."
Feren says, "Panther just went kaput for like... twenty minutes, then came back. I wasn't sure if it was a transport network problem, local-to-the-server network problem, a hardware problem with the server..."
Urocyon says, "Catnap?"
Feren says, "Dirtnap."
Urocyon says, "Morosedairyproduct."
Urocyon says, "I still have no idea what the fuck that means, but I'll tease you about it anyhow."
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Feren: Did you see the Adobe "PhotoShop (TM) (R) is NOT A VERB!" web page?
[livejournal.com profile] ashryn: No? o.o
Feren: You just know somebody had six or seven aneurisms from laughing while they wrote this under management's demands.... http://www.adobe.com/misc/trade.html#photoshop
Ashryn: *DIIIES*
Ashryn: There
Ashryn: I can be sued now

In other news, I am so incredibly manic right now I may need to be hit on the head repeatedly with a chunk of pipe before I'll be able to sleep tonight
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New LJ icons for the gin panfah.

: :

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I turned the page on my "Best of George Carlin" calendar and realized it was St. Patrick's Day. George's thought for the day seems particularly apropos, and I bet [livejournal.com profile] crackjackal (the irish, monochromatic bitchnut of fame) gets a laugh out of it too:

I notice at Jewish weddings they break a glass. Have you ever been to an Irish wedding? Glasses, bottles, mirrors, tables, chairs, arms, legs, the band's instruments and the groom's neck. We don't mess around. Mazel tov!
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CJ gave me this on Friday. I didn't get a chance to share it here until now due to the myriad projects I'm currently neck-deep in, but I had a copy bookmarked on my SideKick. I shared it with my parents on Friday night while we were out for dinner and it garnered quite a few compliments -- even from my father, who is far from the art-appreciation type.

Now I'm sharing here... )
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I think you might get a laugh out of this conversation:

<Frostbite> bad milk
<Feren> sad milk
<Frostbite> Where the hell DID that "sad milk" come from?
<Frostbite> The first place I ever saw it was in Ashryn's iChoke drawing

And there's also a request for elaboration here.

I think it's time you stepped forward and enlightened the masses!
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Several of you have asked about the picture that [livejournal.com profile] crackjackal did to cheer me up the other day. I didn't have a link to it at that time, but I've gotten permission to share it, so here it is.

Three... two... one.... AWWWWWW! )


Jan. 7th, 2004 11:42 am
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A second "cheer up, damn you" picture from [livejournal.com profile] crackjackal! You'd think she was trying to tell me something...
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[livejournal.com profile] crackjackal was kind enough to give me a "cheer up, damn you!" present this morning. It will join the ranks with my other icons, and I'm sure it will see plenty of service in the future. I do admit it brings a smile to me... despite the somber expression I sense a certain whimsy, and I find myself thinking of the "devious" icon when I look at this one.

Blue on the outside, a current of mischief beneath?

Thank you, jaql. I'll try my best not to essplode.


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