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Dear Lazyweb,

[livejournal.com profile] foxish and I are having a bit of a disagreement, and I need you to show him how wrong he is.

[Poll #1416142]

FYI: This is settling the argument between Foxish and I. I know there are tasty fry options from other fast food (or not-fast food) restaurants, but I'm not looking for that information right now. What I need is a decision between these two competitors! So you have to choose who, between these two options, has the tastiest fries.
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Dear Lazyweb,

It's that time of the season again, just two short years after the last time! Yep, the cell phone contract has expired, and [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon and I are looking at new phones and carriers. It's going to be a mix of plan cost and finding phones we like. Curmudgeon wants a phone with a full QWERTY keyboard and a camera. I don't care about a camera, myself. QWERTY is a requirement, virtual or real I don't care.

So I'm not even going to poll this time around, and instead just invite you to comment with your thoughts. Here's where we stand:

  • I love my iPod Touch, so I'm naturally biased towards the new iPhone 3G S, but I hate AT&T. Their plan is sorta meh as well, and Curmudgeon didn't see anything she liked phone-wise since she's not sure an iPhone is the device for her.
  • I'm alright with T-mobile, I could put a jailbroken iPhone on there, but she sees no phones that she's down with (doesn't think she likes the SideKick). On the plus side, we could do a month-to-month no commitment plan.
  • I have Sprint right now on month-to-month, and get a 15% discount. No iPhone there (duh) but the new Palm Pre is out and the reviews seem fairly positive so far. I haven't had a chance to play with one but I'd consider it as an alternative to the iPhone. Curmudgeon likes the LG Lotus that they carry. Their prices are better than AT&T. We have yet to see if the Pre catches on and apps come out of the woodwork like they have for the iPhone.
  • Verizon's not shown me or Curmudgeon anything that we're interested in thus far.

So, recommend away. I know [livejournal.com profile] warphammer is twitching hard at the thought that I might join the iPhone ranks, so I'm curious
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Dear Lazyweb,

I've got the itch to put my Cobra CB radio into the Expedition, but I'm missing an antenna. Things have probably changed in the last ten years, though I expect certain things haven't changed at all (physics of RF don't generally change much in my experience).

I'd prefer to stay away from magnetic mounts, but I do have some clearance problems to address (parking garages are a common foe here) so something that's semi-permanent would be preferred.

So, to all my friends in the ham and CB fields, recommend me some antenna makes and models. Recommendations on where to mount on an Expedition body, if anybody has them, would also be welcome.
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I require guidance on a few things and you, dear Lazyweb, can make me dance.

[Poll #1205340]
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Sometime between 2100 hours last night and about 1400 hours today I managed to lose misplace my primary debit card. [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon is pretty convinced that it's not actually lost and in the nefarious clutches of somebody who will spend my money wildly. I agree with her and am pretty convinced it's actually somewhere here in [livejournal.com profile] roho & [livejournal.com profile] genet's house, but damned if I can find it. So rather than take chances while I half-assedly lumber around looking for the card, I opted to hit the web and filed a lost card notification with my credit union. Since I was filing after normal banking hours the website's form had me call into the necessary 800 number to cancel the card as well. While I was on the site I also checked my online balance statement. There's no unrecognized charges on the register so I think I dodged a bullet if the card fell out somewhere somebody unsavory could find it.

If I somehow stumble across the wayward card before this weekend is through the card is now disabled and useless, but I don't care. The replacement will be here in a few days and in the meantime I can use the debit card from my other bank. This is just a mild inconvenience and it certainly isn't anything insurmountable. I'm just glad to know the balance in my checking account is safe and, for the near future, still mine.

Since we drove up to Chez Cheefennec last night my usual Friday posting of something photography-related has been delayed until Monday or Tuesday.

PS: Dear LazyWeb, why did you not tell me there was a video of a cat playing a theramin?
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Dear Lazyweb,

A long time ago I worked under the name Black Panther Enthusiast Networks. Sadly that shop shuttered operations some time ago and I don't think it's worth resurrecting since it was geared towards networking anyway. Now I need a new company name. Though I'm nowhere near good enough to do something "professional" at this point, I'd like the name to invoke something that is focused on photography. Vague is good as I don't have a definitive focus beyond this idea of "Hay, business cards are good."

One idea that I've had has been Sleeping Panther Media, but that seems awfully long and unwieldy.

Any thoughts? Comment with your idea.
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Dear Lazyweb,

I read [livejournal.com profile] yakko's rant about IM clients and decided that I was curious enough to make a poll about this very topic, to see what you use. This is especially interesting to me as I've been working these last few weeks to organize my IM contact list.

Edit 1430: I had a poll here, but the goddamn poll builder shit itself and died a horrible death. I'll come back to this.

I'm also curious -- if you use a "hybrid" or "multi-client" IM program, what do you use? On the Windows side I used to be a pretty big fan of Trillian but it's become insanely bloated. No IM client should take two minutes to start on an AMD64 machine with two gigs of ram! Insult to injury is that since the new version came out I would have to re-register if I want to use any of the features I'm actually interested. This has generally forced me to use Gaim as it's relatively cross-client and lightweight.

On the OSX side I use the super-sexy Adium for my MacBook. It is lightweight and fast, highly configurable, talks to damn near any IM platform you can think of (even client protocols I didn't know existed) and integrates with other parts of my OSX environment like the built-in address book.
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Instead of writing an actual update about things that are going on in my life I'm posting this poll and asking you, the general public, to settle some things for me.

[Edit: YOU MUST CHOOSE ONE FROM EACH CATEGORY! Yes, sometimes you want both or you want neither. Deal with it!]

[Poll #889982]
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I have two new user pictures, commissioned from [livejournal.com profile] screwbald (Warning: Posts in Screwbald LJ are generally rated NSFW and the journal should be viewed at your own risk). Behold!


Also, I have some items of note that are vaguely organized in some sort of order...
  • Work sux at $EMPLOYER, and that's all I've got to say about that right now.
  • On August 23rd I drove to Milwaukee to see a kick-ass concert courtesy of a surprise birthday gift from [livejournal.com profile] captain18 and [livejournal.com profile] spoothbrush -- more on that in a later entry. There was Too Much Awesome For This LJ Post, and suchforth, so I'm writing a detailed entry.
  • I'm going to see [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon for the extended weekend.
  • I fly to Maine next week for my part in [livejournal.com profile] roho and [livejournal.com profile] genet's wedding. I miss flying for business, so this helps make up for the cutback in my work-related travels.
  • I still am sad that a little girl died, but I think all this coverage about Jon Benet Ramsey is ridiculous.
  • I still love my MacBook and I'm currently in a truce with my iPod that may lead to further purchases of music. There will be a poll on this tomorrow.
  • There's about 2.3 months until Midwest FurFest.
  • Remember how my Expedition had that Check Engine Light (known as a "Malfunction Indicator Lamp" or "MIL") for the last two years? Remember how Roho and I spent $200+ dollars and scalded our arms and hands on red-hot exhaust pipes to change out O2 sensors that I thought were the root cause, but weren't? Remember those P0171 and P0174 OBD-II codes that wouldn't die and how I was at my wit's end? Well, guess what! Last Saturday I fixed the problem with a $4.95 can of electronics cleaner! FUCKING. CARS. I failed emission testing once and spent three hours chasing down parts and over $200 for this?
  • I still like my gin, very much.
  • I have apparently blown out the left ear bud of the ear buds that are provided with my iPod. Yes, I set the volume cap but I still seem to have blown the damn thing out anyway - I hear a most disconcerting buzz/rattle when certain frequencies are hit by my music, but only on that side. When I swap the 'bud from left to right the buzz/distortion/rattle follows. So! Dear LazyWeb: Does anybody with an iPod have a suggestion for replacement ear buds that are compatible with a G5 (Video) iPod but without the shitty "Blowing out at the slightest provocation" feature?
  • I have to go to court about the missing piece of siding on my house. That's right, my village is actually taking me to court over a ten foot length of fascia. Of course I'll plead guilty (I can't deny the fascia is missing) and pay the fine, but for fuck's sake, don't they have better things to do?
I'll post a bit more tomorrow, work permitting.

But today there is no black or white
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My contract is up with my current provider in about two months and I want a new phone. While I have been mostly happy with the service I've received with my current carrier the phone has failed to impress me on a number of fronts -- namely it isn't slim enough and it doesn't support Bluetooth. Once my contract expires I'm looking at taking my money to one of two different carriers. Each of them offers a product that meets my requirements and has a service plan I'm comfortable with. However, each one trades off against the other for some features and the choice has left me scratching my head. Since it's mostly a toss-up between the two I figured I'd sample the public at large and see what my friends are using. If one carrier is more heavily favored over the other I'll probably let that be the deciding factor.

  • I realize that some of us have multiple devices/phones with multiple carriers due to work, PDAs and such. When I ask who your provider is, I'm asking as it applies to your personal phone that you utilize for voice communications.
  • I realize that Sprint and Nextel have merged, but right now Sprint phones don't run off iDEN technology so I consider them to still be separate.
  • For PTT: if you subscribe to the service I'm going to assume you're carrying a phone that supports it.

[Poll #664525]
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Dear LazyWeb,

Ladies and gentlemen of the LazyWeb, I'm just a caveman. I fell on some ice and later got thawed out by some of your scientists. Your world of online auctions frightens and confuses me. I've used eBay for something like a decade now, buying goods of various types from it through the power of the Magical Data Fairies (MDF) that inhabit my DSL modem and computer.

Now I want to do what other people do: sell all the useless crap I have cluttering up my house. I have everything from Cisco IP phones to old SUN workstations and monitors. Old CD-ROM drives. A 2U rackmountable server, fully built. The list goes on like this, just stuff I don't use taking up space. I don't expect to make a killing of profit on this. Hell, I don't expect to even recover one-quarter of the price I paid for this gear when I bought it. I just want to make it go away and I'd like any sort of cash I might make from it in the process. However, I see there's a billion ways of setting up the sales pages and automating billing and checkouts and crap. The only thing I have going for me is a verified "Premier" account with PayPal so I can accept payments through them.

So, I ask you, the selling public: What's the best way to go about this?
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Dear Lazyweb,

I have an Abit KN8 motherboard. It claims to support USB 1.1 and 2.0 on-board via the 4 USB ports on the back panel and the three headers provided on the motherboard. The board is running bios revision 14 (NF-CK804-6A61Fa1DC-14) compiled 11/11/2005 and released 11/30, which purports to be the most current version. As near as I can tell I have installed all the latest "motherboard drivers" from nVidia and Abit. The BIOS setting for integrated device is set to "USB 1.1/2.0" which is the only option that invokes the 2.0 standard. As near as I can tell, everything should be working.

Of course, it doesn't. )

Help. Make USB 2.0 go so I too can join this fantastical year of 2001.

[Edit 1828 Central 12/13]: It's fixed. Apparently the solution was "Via the Device Mananger, uninstall all USB devices, hubs and controllers exactly three hundred times, reboot and reinstall them again -- each time hoping you will just happen to install the drivers in the undocumented MAGIC ORDER that will allow the onboard 2.0 controller to coexist peacefully with the onboard 1.1 controller."

I'm standing in my light
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Dear Lazyweb,

I'm trying to find any form of documentation available to (in)validate a behavior on the Internet that involves DNS and lazy, web browsing users. It is not uncommon for DNS administrators to put something akin to the following in their zone files for a particular domain (assume best practices followed for SOA including proper $ORIGIN statements, etc):

                        IN      A
www                     IN      A

This has the effect of allowing somebody to type "http://black-panther.us/" into their web browser and get to my web page because an A RR ( is returned that would be the same as if they typed in "http://www.black-panther.us/". As I said above, this is primarily done to allow lazy web browsers such as myself to type only the domain in the URL bar and get taken to the website. I could go so far as to say that this is now expected behavior on the public Internet. However, just because something is expected doesn't mean it's correct (the opposite is far too often the case, where broken behavior has come to be expected or even accepted as correct). Hence, I ask you, the all-knowing web: where is this behavior documented as being acceptable in the relevant RFCs or DNS best practices papers? So far I have reviewed a slew of RFCs, including 1912, 2181, and 1033, and I have yet to see this described as something that is actually approved and correct. RFC 2219 somewhat references the behavior I'm describing in the second paragraph of section 1 ("Rationale"), but is using it to outline a case for the remainder of the RFC. I've found no allusion to this in the "Best Practices" documentation I've scanned during my scrounging, either.

So is this just a common practice by lazy administrators like myself to keep lazy users like myself from kvetching, or is this actually documented somewhere as being appropriate?

I find it both amusing and, simultaneously, frustrating that I can tell you which RFC indicates an underscore cannot be used in a name (RFC 952) but I'm drawing a complete blank on this.


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