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I have had some major, incredibly important deadline pushed up by 5 days. We were supposed to disconnect the old datacenter on 2/20, and yesterday I found out we're turning the power off to the old facility on 2/15. Joy.

I was at the office from 1930 last night until 0400 this morning doing the first phase of a circuit migration (using AT&T's "Opt-E-MAN" WAN/Ethernet service). What should have been simple went really sideways and we encountered some significant problems. The irony of it all is that it turns out I had completely overthought the situation and made a simple, elegant solution vastly more complex than it needed to be. When I returned to the simple solution everything started working. Thankfully I realized this at around 0240 and reeled everything back in, successfully completing that stage of the trasition. Hooray for smoke breaks and my coworker NF who let me bounce thoughts off of him (and watched me draw with a whiteboard marker on a non-whiteboard surface. I'll be staring at that for the next 15 years).

Right after I fixed things up on the Opt-E-MAN I got some news from the good folks over at Hurricane Electric's IPv6 tunneling service that made me happy: the tunnel I had requested to $EMPLOYER's router should be fixed (it hadn't been working before). When I tested things out, it was! Not only did I have IPv6 connectivity on the most rudimentary level, my BGP session for IPv6 was also working! After I got home at around 0400, I couldn't sleep (surprise surprise, given the events of the evening) so I settled into the office and did some tinkering to see if I couldn't get $EMPLOYER's IPv6 allocation to be announced out to the global Internet (what little of it that speaks IPv6, anyway) via the Hurricane Electric tunnel. It took a bit of fiddling but eventually I was able to successfully announce 2620:0:1400::/42 out of my Juniper M10i router into the IPv6 Internet (all hail the MultiServices PIC).

So, over a year after I got $EMPLOYER a provider-independent IPv6 allocation, it is finally being announced into the Internet (from ASN 22734). The next step? I probably need to get the traffic through the firewall....
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We stopped for fuel at the trip's halfway point of Lyndon Station, WI. We filled up and found we had travelled 337.5 miles on 8.498 gallons of regular 87 octane gasoline. That comes out to 39.75 MPG, and that was with the air conditioner on for most of the way! Win! Not bad for a car that's almost 10 years old, eh?

Yes, I really like [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon's little Saturn four-door.
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Tonight I got home late from work, and [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon is off at bowling league. I decided to try an experiment and see how things worked out: can I actually give Jazz her full regimen without the assistance of another person?

The answer is yes, yes I can.

Getting Jazz to take pills is not very easy... her head is small, so it's difficult to get the pill far enough back on her tongue to make it easy to swallow. This meant it took me about 5 tries to get this pill to go down (one time it was caught between her gums, another time it was caught in her fur on her throat, that sort of thing). Eventually I did win, however! So, given the number of tries, I give myself half a point and Jazz half a point.

After pills comes the thing that we've never been able to do with just one person - put in the IV needle and administer the subcutaneous fluids. I was surprised to find that I was able to get Jazz to stand still long enough for me to prep her and set the needle. From that point on it was merely a task of keeping her in place while I adjusted the line clamp to get the treatment running. We encountered some difficulties because I couldn't reassure her, hold her in place and hold the needle in such a way that the line ran as fast as I wanted... but really all that amounted to was that the treatment went a bit more slowly than I'd have liked.

Overall I will mark tonight a success! I'm reassured by this outcome because it means if worst case scenario should unfold I can, with a bit of frustration and effort, handle Jazz's medication by myself. I'll do my best to try and avoid that becoming a necessity, but it's nice to know I've got that option as a backup.

Sigh, why can't all the kids be as easy to medicate as [livejournal.com profile] ra_kitty?
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Up-front disclaimer: No, it was not a Daily Deviation.

I keep a pair of galleries for my work. One is at FA, the other is on dART. Most of you who read this journal are familiar with DeviantART because it's the system I use to post my work as "deviations" to my LiveJournal. I balance my work so that FA and dART pretty much mirror one another, so it's not as if one gallery gets sooper seekrit work while the other doesn't. I keep them both mirrored simply because they offer exposure to different types of audiences and I enjoy being able to share my efforts. Do I have a favorite? Not really. I like FA and dART pretty much equally, though dART is a bit superior as it seems to have less problems reading the EXIF data from my photos. And it doesn't limit the size of my images to 1280x1280. And it lets me post my work directly to my LJ, as you all well know. And dART has a working search function.... but I digress.

I haven't been doing much posting on either site for the last month because I've been busy with work and personal matters. Imagine my surprise when I signed into DeviantART the other day and found that a user (tainte-truffle) had put together a narrative complimented by a collection of photographs -- and that one of my photographs had been included! That's right, my "Missing Door" piece was featured in the "Abandoned Places" collection alongside some other fantastic works.

I'm incredibly honored and I don't mind saying that it really made my day.

Those interested can see the "Abandoned Places" collection at http://news.deviantart.com/article/64552/
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[Crossposted from this journal entry dated May 26, 2008 on my deviantART account -- so about a month ago]

It's been a while since I've shot on film, and I had a reminder this week as to why I've all but abandoned the venerable old medium.Yesterday I was on my way up to the Memorial Day party that I'vealready posted a few photographs from, but needed some supplies so I made a stop at Walgreens. Walgreens does film development, and they conveniently place their prices up on a sign by the counter. A twenty-four exposure roll is processed at Walgreens for $6.99 USD.

24 exposures for $6.99, making it just shy of 30 cents per frame.

As of last night I've shot over 8,945 frames. At 30 cents a frame, that would put me at $2,683.50 in film processing fees alone. I spentapproximately $4,500 on my kit back in October of 2007. The body of the 40D was $1,299 USD... so it has already more than paid for itself and (surprisingly enough) two of my lenses, with us well on the way to paying off a third.

Don't get me wrong, I love film... but hot damn, I love me some technology when it helps pay for itself like this.

As I mentioned in the crossposting disclaimer, I wrote this about a month ago. I've only shot more pictures since then (the most recent file number in LightRoom is 9,068 and I've got probably another 100 or so on the Compact Flash card in the camera that need to be offloaded), so my ROI continues!
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Tonight after work I went shopping with [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon to pick up a new pair of slacks and some other miscellaneous items. We were both hungry but couldn't decide what to eat. Eventually we decided to get Chinese food and began debating where to eat at. Curmudgeon mentioned that our favorite Chinese Carry-out restaurant, Bok Choy Cafe, now had a dining room. So we stopped in.

To my absolute delight I found that not only did they have a dining room, but they served sushi with an actual sushi bar as well. So while Curmudgeon ordered Seasame Chicken, I ordered their "Sushi Dinner B" plate. Eight pieces of sushi (chef's choice) and a California roll. So while Curmudgeon made faces at me for eating raw fish, I was was heaven.

Bok Choy was my favorite carry-out place before. This just cinches its place as my favorite local eatery.

OMG after all these years, sushi less than six miles from my house!!!!
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Valentines 2008 - Flowers
Valentines 2008 - Flowers
I had been planning this for a little while and I think it all came together quite nicely. Here are the flowers I gave to [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon for St. Valentine's Day 2008. Though they came home last night I waited until this morning to set them upon her office desk for her to find. I got a text message on my cell phone around 10:42 this morning that said nothing but "Wow!" And that's how I knew she had found what I had carefully set up this morning on my way out the door to work. Flowers, chocolate, a mug and a purple plush monkey (that I have affectionately dubbed 'Love Monkey') were situated around the desk to either side of the arrangement. When I got home this evening I couldn't help myself, I simply had to break out the camera and experiment with different ways of photographing this. I'm actually quite pleased at how well my impromptu backdrop worked out.

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... (man, I really need a Christmas-themed icon to post with) and [livejournal.com profile] lady_curmudgeon's PC is living once more. I owe [livejournal.com profile] points a debt of thanks for, well, pointing me in the right direction. On Friday I had surmised that Curmudgeon's computer might just be utterly unable to cope with SATA-2 (a.k.a. SATA 300, I'm lead to understand). Turns out that I was half right. Her computer's SATA controller can't hack SATA-2. What Points found out was that it also cannot hack the Western Digital hard disks I was buying, unless a custom and non-default jumper setting was put in place on the drive to force it to "OPT1 - 150 MB/s data transfer speed enabled." Since the 80gb drive I got yesterday was, in fact, SATA and not SATA-2 I have no idea what this setting is for. But Points suggested I try it and... sure enough, the disk is finally recognized. So, all hail Points for giving me the clue to solve this wretched puzzle.

I'd also like to take a moment to thank the fine folks at Acronis for making the incredibly awesome Acronis TrueImage software. With TrueImage I not only had a backup of Curmudgeon's dying disk drive (which was very nice to have when I literally blew the magic smoke out of the poor thing) but it also included a "CloneDrive" feature that copied everything off the old disk (including the boot sector) onto a new disk and gracefully resized partitions to deal with the differing capacity of the new drive. That made things go a lot more smoothly.

A big "Blow me" to Western Digital for putting that weirdass feature on their drives, and a "blow me" likewise goes out to Via for having such a freakishly twitchy SATA chipset.

And now I away to do some last-minute Christmas shopping with Mudgeon.
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I pulled up my friends list and was more than a little surprised to see this entry by the ever-wonderful [livejournal.com profile] chebutykin. What's surprising about a LiveJournal entry by Cheb? Nothing much, except that this is the time of year when she goes into hiding and works herself into (more) sleep deprivation in preparation for Convergence Con. So I'm especially honored that she took the time to hop online and leave an entry to notify me I had served as the inspiration for an installment of Dork Tower. How cool is that? And, offhandedly... am I really that angry?

Continuing the theme, today was also surprising because I had the opportunity to chatter on IM with Cheb. The exchange was quite amusing, especially when she found out that work has once again conspired (for the third or fourth year running) to keep me from attending CONvergence. Here's an excerpt.
Cheb: Are you sure you're not a battered housewife, and $EMPLOYER is the husband that we're all telling you to leave?
Feren: The parallel has been drawn...
Cheb: You know, if 1980's made-for-TV dramas are to be trusted, all it would take to escape would be a mattress, gasoline, and a cigarette. (viz: The Burning Bed)
Feren: Rubberband, toothpick, yarn! Cue the theme for McGuyver!
Cheb: Don't forget the chewing gum wrapper!
Feren: No, that's only if I need to make a nuclear pile.
Cheb: Are you sure you don't need a nuclear pile?
Feren: I work in a pile, though I'm not so sure it's nuclear.

I know y'all know
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Evidently the Illinois State Police didn't find too much fault with how I attached my photograph to that paperwork I filled out back in November of 2006. If you haven't already guessed, the form I was wrestling with was my FOID application. For those who aren't familiar with the state's somewhat draconian laws, Illinois requires that you have to have a Firearm Owner ID card to own or hold firearms/ammunition in this state -- something most other states consider you eligible for assuming you are above the age of 18, are not a felon, have not been convicted of a violent/domestic assault crime, have not been convicted of a drug offense and are not mentally ill. Oh yeah, did I mention that Illinois classifies stun guns ("Tasers") and Mace as firearms? Good times.

For the record, I'm fine with background checks. Hell, I endorse them and think that the NICS check is a Good Thing. I do not believe that something which carries as much responsibility as a firearm should just be given out to any random idiot without a bit of "due diligence" being performed first. If Illinois required a safety training course I'd be perfectly okay with that too, despite having passed such a course 13 years ago in Minnesota. Heck, I'm fine with Chicago banning citizen-owned firearms entirely; while I think it's ridiculous despite its good intentions I don't have to live there. What I do not believe is useful or at all reasonable is a state-wide "ID" program that's nothing but smoke and mirrors, paired with overzealous classifications of non-lethal defense mechanisms in some sort of bid by the state government to assure the constituents that they're "safe." However, despite my objections to the system I am a law-abiding citizen and as such I have followed the rules. Everything I own of a firearm nature (including my compound bow) has been waiting at the farm until I got all the various ducks in a row and had the state and city's blessing.

With that said I've been waiting impatiently since mid-December for any response from the folks down in Springfield as the paperwork claims a response is due "thirty days from the day the application fee is cashed." I had a not-inconsiderable sense of dread that led me to wonder if I had somehow mistakenly thrown the response out as "junk mail", but that was alleviated today when I received an envelope in my mailbox that showed a return address of interest. I admit that seeing ILLINOIS STATE POLICE - ATTN: FOID APPS emblazoned in all caps in the upper left hand window immediately caught my attention. I brought the envelope inside, popped the cap off a beer and sat down at my desk as I prepared to open the envelope. The contents would either be a reason to drink in celebration, or drink in defeat. I cut open the top and pulled out the enclosed letter...

... and drank in celebration. That is to say, my FOID arrived today. The State Police have smiled upon me and approved me to lawfully own firearms in Illinois can finally move my collection of revolvers, pistols, shotguns and rifles down from the farm to Z'ha'dum and Like I said, it's a few days late (two weeks and change) to be considered my Christmas present from the state but I'll take it.

Everything is nothing like it was


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