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I was going to say in this evening's update that good things do come in threes, but I would then have to limit it to just three bullet items. I've got a few extra things here that I didn't feel should be left out....

  • I had the pleasure of spending my five-day holiday break with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] ashryn and [livejournal.com profile] arphalia. It was nice to see the both of them again. This year I had the privilege of being able to hand-deliver their gifts, something that made me happy since I sprung it as a surprise. That really tickled me -- along with being there when they opened their presents. I'm still quite honored that I was invited to share in their Christmas.
  • During my stay in Madison I was treated to a very tasty Christmas dinner and subzero temperatures. What I used to call "hobo-killin' weather" has now been renamed to "eggnog-killin', glass-shatterin' weather." Yes, there's a story there.
  • My doorbell rang unexpectedly Wednesday afternoon, mere moments before I left for Madison -- my truck was idling in the driveway and I was just grabbing the last bag for loading up before I departed. I wasn't expecting anyone, so I was understandably put out by what I imagined was going to be another distracting sales attempt to put new siding or a roof on my house. But when I opened the door who should I find but my mail lady with a bundle of paper for me. The reason she rang the bell? There was an envelope from DeVry University that said "Do not bend," so she wanted to hand it to me -- she figured it was important. She figured right! I took one look at the envelope and knew right away that it was my diploma, arriving at long last. I figured that it would have been here now (since I graduated in late October), but all that matters is that it arrived. Since returning home I've framed it and hung it up on my wall. It looks very nice, and I like seeing the words "Magna Cum Laude" under my name and program. I find myself considering the pursuit of a graduate degree, though I'm not sure just yet what I'd choose to get one in.
  • On Tuesday of last week I was awarded a payment of over $1,350 from my employer's annual profit sharing program. To call this "unexpected money" is something of an understatement, especially when you take into account how our financial and enrollment statements looked this quarter.
  • My mother sent me one of her delicious pound cakes for Christmas, so I had a tasty dessert waiting for me when I got home Sunday evening.
  • I also received the first ornament for the Christmas tree I haven't bought yet -- my parents sent a glass ornament that features a reclining black panther. I have no idea where she found such a thing, but I love it.
  • While in Madison, I listened to the Christmas CD that [livejournal.com profile] onceagainplease made. I wasn't surprised to hear him singing -- that was sort of the entire point behind the album -- but I was surprised to hear him sing a cappella. With himself. It was creepy, but cool.
  • I came home to a veritable flood of Christmas cards... and a CD of some sort from [livejournal.com profile] captain18 and [livejournal.com profile] spoothbrush. I am curious. Cautious, but curious. I'll be loading it up once I finish writing this. If I should perish amidst questionable circumstances while viewing the contents of this mystery disc -- well, somebody had better avenge my death.
  • I got a message on my Sidekick from [livejournal.com profile] harlee_one and it made me smile. Thank you!

There's other stuff, but I'll write about it later. I'm back on-call and there's a few hundred things at work that are currently demanding my attention.

Aurora borealis comes in view
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As of today (at something like 12:22 PM Central Daylight Time), DeVry University conferred upon me a Bachelor of Science degree in Network and Communication Management. I graduated with honors, Magna Cum Laude to be specific. I'm finally done with school, having achieved my goal through ten months of very hard work that I embarked upon after a four year hiatus.

I think I deserve a beer now.
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I got 3 hours of very broken sleep last night. I arrived ar school this morning with 30 seconds to spare before the attendance monitoring system would have cut off and marked me absent (one absence and I'm essentially expelled). I'm doped to the metaphorical gills on caffeine and sudaphedrine and I didn't study at all (read: haven't even opened the book) for the exam we're having that covers six chapters in the text. My professor noticed I "look and sound like hell."

As soon as I turned in my answer sheet the instructor graded it and called me back up to the front of the classroom so I could see the results. Despite all the forces working against me this morning I somehow managed to score 88 out of 90 points on the exam for a good, solid 97% - an "A".

I think I should go buy a lottery ticket now.

You take my hand, I'll take your hand
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... and while I already knew what I'd gotten in my Career Development course (stupid two-credit course completed and posted grades two weeks before my other class), I still hadn't gotten word from my professor about my Humanities class. Since this past Saturday (8/28) was the last day class met and was chalk full of final presentations I wasn't sure if that meant good news or bad for me. The professor had promised to have things graded by Sunday evening and posted, but they weren't up on the system yesterday. So after lunch today I was overwhelmed by curiousity and went over to check my academic history for the semester, "just in case" it had posted last night after I checked.

It had.

I was quite pleased by what I saw, so I thought I'd share it here (and hopefully this time the HTML won't munge up anybody's Friends list)....
UnitSectionTitleFinal Grade
HUMN303ACC_ZIntroduction to the HumanitiesA
CARD410ACC_ZCareer DevelopmentA

Solid gold, baby.

Someday you'll find everything you're looking for, yeah
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I have something I'd like to share that I feel is particularly important, especially in light of recent events:


UnitSectionTitleFinal Grade
CARD410 ACC_Z Career Development A

Thank you for your attention.

Rock concert movement number one
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I took my MGMT408 midterm exam tonight.

50 out of 50. If I am not mistaken I believe they call that a perfect score.


As an added bonus a wonderful storm blew into town just as I arrived home with my victory dinner so I'm currently being treated to cool, fresh air accompanied by lots of thunder and lightning. A big thank-you goes to [livejournal.com profile] arphalia for being my continued good-luck charm on matters like these.
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UnitSectionTitleFinal Grade
TCM471ACC_ZCurrent Topics in TelecommunicationsA
SCI204ACC_ZEnvironmental Science with LabA

Session GPA: 4.0

Two classes, each normally 16 weeks in length, completed in eight weeks with a perfect grade point average while keeping my full-time job.



I knew it!

Mar. 13th, 2004 05:05 pm
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As we sat through SCI-204 (Environmental Science) today we naturally came back to the whole birthrate/deathrate thing, and how they related to closed systems. To illustrate his point about attempting to control our envionment and how such actions impact the global population level the professor asked the class for suggestions to write on the board for causes of death. The usual culprits were shouted out such as "Disease," "War," "Suicide," "Famine" and everyone's favorite "Old Age." There was a long pause, then a sour voice said from the middle of the classroom, "Reality TV." The instructor didn't miss a beat, it went up on the board right after "war."

The tree-lined avenue
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I just finished up my homework for my SCI-204 course, and it was pretty interesting. We're currently discussing the impact of the human population's growth rate, and to answer a number of questions for the "lab" portion of the homework I had to run a number of equations. I never expected that I would have to dust off my old TI-85 scientific calculator for something as simple as an "environmental science" course, but there you have it. Higher learning is full of surprises like that! I'm just glad I was able to locate it after a few minutes of searching around Z'ha'dum. I had taken great pains to tuck it somewhere safe and accessable when I moved in, but I couldn't remember where that was for a while. Eventually I found it in the closet of the Blue Room of Death, sitting in the original box, along with the original manual. Equally surprising is the fact the batteries still worked! This calculator is almost a decade old (I think I got it in 1992) and the last time I used it was... lord, back in 1999 or so before I threw it into the box and withdrew from school.

All hail the power of the equation solver on the TI-85, and the ability to actually have a calculator that knows the value of e right out of the box! My poor little SideKick's built-in calculator is nice, but by no means of the imagination is it ready to deal with something like t=(1/k)*ln (NO/O).

In other news I placed an order with Amazon. On the shipping list is the widescreen edition of Schindler's List (Thank you for finally releasing that, Steve!), the Jurassic Park soundtrack to replace the one I had on casette years and years ago, FLA's Epitath, Neil Young's latest release Greendale, Spectators by Wolfsheim and various other albums. I'm looking forward to expanding my music and movie collection!

Speaking of looking forward to things, my dillemma with getting another cat has been solved for me: Eli was adopted today. I found out that he'd gotten a new home when I stopped by PetSmart on the way ouf of Borders, where I had gone to pick up a couple of sketchbooks. Don't ask what I'm going to do with the sketchbooks, I honestly don't know. I certainly won't be drawing in them (unless you count stick figures as "drawings," but as a caveman I should be out scratching on walls of rock, not in nice bound sketchbooks). Maybe I can pay a few artists to draw some silliness in there for me.

Tomorrow I go back to work, configure a few routers and try to make sense of where I stand on a number of high-profile but painfully elaborate projects. I never knew that as a Network Engineer I would be doing Project Management-type work for free.

Tell me why
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Search Results
Student NameOlsen, Jason
Student Number[REDACTED]
ProgramBachelor's-Network and Communications Management
Fall 03 Standard Session
To view assessment outcome details, click the Eyeglass icon.
To view anonymous IDs, click the Details icon.
Institution Unit Details
UnitSectionTitleFinal Grade
TCM430ACC_ZEnterprise Networking and TCP/IPA
TCM430LACC_ZEnterprise Networking and TCP/IP LabA
Statistical Details
Class StandingSENIOR
Statistic TypePeriodAttempted Credit PointsEarned Credit PointsGPA Credit PointsQuality PointsGPA
DVU TERMTerm5.0005.0005.00020.0004.000
DVU CGPACum5.0005.0005.00020.0004.000

I don't know about you, but I think the letters and numbers in the right-hand-most columns speak for themselves.
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I feel that the quiz went badly. While I'm sure I gave the right answers I am not sure I gave them in the format the professor was looking for. As for the lab final, that was far more unnerving: my elegant router-on-a-stick configuration (used hundreds of times before in our production environment) wouldn't work in the lab because they're running an impoper incarnation of the IOS. Since they're on the right version level but the wrong train the router couldn't speak ISL or dot-1-q to the switch (or the switch couldn't speak trunking to the router, however you may wish to interpret it). I spoke to the professor about the situation and he said to submit my labwork anyway. This doesn't fill me with confidence, because you would think he might actually test the feasibility of the labwork in the Telecommunications Lab before assigning it to us and making it a quarter of our grade.

I think what pisses me off far more is that I acquired a new scratch on my Expedition's hood thanks to one of the shelves in my garage. Come summertime I'm grabbing my Sawz-All and tearing that damn thing out -- I knew it was going to be a problem from the word "go," and now I have proof by way of damaged paint. Dammit.

On the upside, according to StephenKing.com the last two books in the Dark Tower series (Susannah's Song and The Dark Tower) will be released this year, June 8th and September 21st respectively. I'm currently working my way through abother of his novels, From A Buick 8, and enjoying myself immensely. I'm eagerly looking forward to the conclusion of what is probably one of the best stories ever put to paper.

I think tonight calls for a visit to Heather's for some talk-and-beer therapy.

Heaven knows what happens now
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My TCM430 lab final is today. The goal is to configure a pair of Cisco 2950s and a pair of Cisco 3600s to move data between four different networks across a simulated frame relay cloud.

Please, I do more difficult configurations in my sleep thanks to work. Router-on-a-stick is hardly a new concept anymore, ISL and dot-1-q trunking made sure that was easy to configure a long time ago now.

The only thing that really has me nervous about class today is the quiz, which is based on lecture that I missed last week. The way this professor thinks is completely alien to me, so he's always got weird questions like "Process Mail Box" on his quizzes, which leaves me scratching my head. I must be doing something right though because I keep scoring over 90 percent on the exams.

Off to class.
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My parents made it safely down from Minnesota, arriving at around 6pm. My father, in his typical fashion, couldn't be content with just bringing the truck -- oh no. Instead of bringing just the truck, he brought the truck with the topper on so he could stuff the bed full of things for the house. In addition to the truck was the 12-foot dump trailer that he also loaded up with goodies. It took us two and a half hours to unload it all, involved some drama with a lost set of credit cards and had the unpleasant side-effect of freezing my fingers. Afterwards we celebrated with a trip to Portillo's for dinner and a brief stop at Meijer for some groceries. I think I fell into bed sometime around 11:30 in the evening.

I'm not sure where I'm going to put this windfall of furnishings but I have faith it will all find some niche or another in the house. I'm not sure what I did to deserve this windfall, but I'm thankful for it.

Tomorrow is my TCM-430 midterm, which the professor tells us is going to be based entirely on the lectures. When I get home tonight I'll peek around my house to see if I still recognize it, try to lend a hand with whatever project my folks have started upon, and then retreat to my bedroom with some soda and my laptop. It's time to dust off my notes and get some reviewin
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I bought a new bed, the first one in over ten years. I now have a queen-sized bed to go along with the queen-sized headboard I was given for Christmas. Heather and her husband Gary helped me pick it up from the store and bring it into the house. After they left I set it up and took a twenty minute nap on it. It's a tremendous improvement over my old, broken twin. I can't begin to describe how restful it was to lay there even for that short period of time.

I visited my first Meijer this evening. It reminds me very much of the Holiday store that I used to work for back in Minnesota. Sporting goods, clothes, groceries and more... all under one roof, in one store. I think it's very, very cool -- although part of that is just because it makes me feel like I'm back in my old stomping grounds in Minnesota. I bought some Corona Lite and Miller Lite, some soda (Diet Code Red and Diet Vanilla Coke), a low-carb cookbook and some lightbulbs.

I plugged my bass into the amp and tried to get it back into tune. This is the first time in five or six months that I've done anything related to the guitar. I need to stop at Sam Ash or something so I can get a guitar stand. I know that moving the guitar in and out of its soft case is part of why it's impossible to keep in tune.

I was invited to -- and attended -- my first poker night at Heather's house. I mostly sat around and talked with Heather, opting to stay out of the poker game. It was nice to talk to her, she and I go back for many many years now and we haven't been in touch much over the last 12 months. It's amazing how much has changed over that time, so we had a lot of "catching up" to do.

I unpacked my slow-cooker, and now it's sitting on the kitchen counter by the stove.

I installed my first Novell 6 server today. Okay, it was for the class lab experiment, but it's still the first one I installed. I learned that Novell and Xwindows don't mix, despite Novell's best efforts.

My color Sidekick broke today. When I open the screen it stays dim (no backlighting) and the keypad gets very, very bright. I'll have to contact Tmovile's customer service and try to coax a replacement out of them. Pity, things were going so well until now.

Tomorrow is BDs and then the MFF staff meeting. [livejournal.com profile] duncandahusky and [livejournal.com profile] takaza are in town, which is nice because I always enjoy seeing them.

And now it's off to bed for me, despite the attempts of a very purry Marcus to convince me to sleep on the futon in the livingroom.

I’ve been tryin’ to get down
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... so I thought I'd share some of my father's wisdom.

Life isn't like a box of chocolates...it's more like a jar of jalapenos. What you do today, might burn your ass tomorrow.

My father, the great sage. Is it any wonder I'm as twisted as I am?
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  • Called in sick to work and slept until about 10:30, since I was still hammered and feeling sick this morning when my alarm went off at 5:30. I had the hangover from hell, too, and that didn't go away until I drank a lot of water, took some vitamins and downed a couple naproxen capsules. That will teach me to never again mix Cuervo, Jim and Jack on a night of drinking.
  • Drove down to the house and unloaded a second truckful of boxes that I had packed yesterday.
  • Picked up the mail.
  • Drove back to the apartment and loaded the Expedition up again. It's amazing how much floor space the apartment has gotten back now that I'm moving out. Our foyer closet is almost empty!
  • Had lunch and watched some television.
  • Drove back down to the house and unloaded the Expedition. Pretty much everything that was in the apartment that wasn't in my bedroom is now sitting in my livingroom.
  • Hung some art in the foyer. I guess this officially makes it "my house."
  • Convinced the security system to stop beeping.
  • Discovered the water has been turned off, so I called in to set up a new account. Service should be ready to go on the 16th if all goes well.
  • Puttered around the place, moving a few boxes and doing generally trivial things. I started taping off the trim in the small bedroom in preparation for painting, but stopped once I realized I don't know how I want to handle the baseboard. I need to think about that.
  • Drove back to the apartment.
  • Ordered phone service from AT&T. Eat that, SBC! I'm getting my local phone service, caller-ID, voicemail, call-waiting and 3-way calling for $31 a month. I already know what my phone number is going to be, too. AT&T rocks.
  • Ordered electrical service. I'm a little alarmed that the online form says the order succeeded but that errors were encountered. Hopefully I'll hear back from them quickly.
  • Ordered gas service. I'm nervous about that too.
  • Researched broadband options. I'll probably go with SpeakEasy for 1.5M DSL service.
  • Researched options from ADT for the security system. I'm thinking about upgrading the control panel that's currently installed, but I'm not sure if that'll do anything of value for me. Before I turn the old system on I need to ask some questions about how it works. It has a motion detector and I'm concerned that it might get set off by Ra.
  • Ate dinner.

So there you have it. I did a lot of house-related stuff today, racked up some serious mileage on the Expy since it's an 80 mile round-trip, and made some pretty good progress with moving in. I'll probably skip doing anything with it tomorrow -- I'm feeling rather tired and I think I'm getting the flu ... my stomach's being bad and my woozy head are a good indication. Besides, I've already moved everything that's small and/or easy to transport, which leaves me with the big or clumsy stuff like my desk, bed, dresser and fish tank. Friday night I'll probably empty out all the clothes in my closet here at the apartment and run those down to the house just to get it out of the way.

Saturday after class I'll be going over to Sam's Club to pick up a new bed. This is one expense I'm actually eager to incur -- I have no plans to start life in my new house by sleeping on my old bed. It's old, it's tiny (just a little twin) and the springs are completely destroyed so I end up doing more harm to my back than good. I want some space to sprawl out in, so I'm going to buy a nice queen-size setup. Once the bed is unloaded and situated in the bedroom I will check to see if the water service was turned on. If I have running water I'll probably take up residence down there from that point on.

That's enough writing for me tonight. I'm going to lay down and hope that when I wake up tomorrow I feel better.

Come on, get down

Educate me.

Jan. 8th, 2004 10:01 pm
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School starts bright and early at 7AM on Saturday the 10th, a time long before the campus book store will be open. Because of this tomorrow's mission is to stop over at the campus and pick up whatever texts I need so I'm prepared for the first day of class. Speaking of the class, I believe I mentioned that it's an "accelerated" program. The particular course I'm enrolled in this term is 6 hours long and runs for 8 weeks. With a timeline that aggressive I have no doubt this is going to be a lot more intense than anything I've done before.

I hope I'm up for the challenge of finally finishing my degree on terms this draconian.
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Victory starts in the heart, then continues with the mind. Only after you have convinced yourself of your triumph can you truly act.

I brought my paperwork from the office down to the Addison campus today. Things were... Interesting... While I tried to get through the final stages of my re-enrollment. What should have been a 20 minute process to get a class and a new student I'd became a 1.5 hour ordeal, mostly because the company's Big Initiative has been encountering some problems. These problems naturally flow downhill, translating into major stumbling blocks at the campus. Eventually I believe we got it all sorted out, but since I'm not in the computer at this point I have to trust the papers I'm holding to get me a seat in the classroom (paperless office... Feh. We're using thrice as much now as before our great new system arrived). Still it would appear that unless something completely untoward happens I will be going back to class starting January 10th. Class will run from 8 am to 2pm according to the schedule I have right now although that may change a bit. I don't relish the thought of 6 hours straight of school first thing on a Saturday morning, but life is sometimes about sacrifices, right? Besides, I sit at the office for over 8 hours a day.

Of course, when I do that I'm getting paid pretty handsomely for my time. I'm sure there's a lesson here but I don't think I'll explore it at this precise moment.

There is other notable news tonight but it is of a more personal nature, so I think I'll keep it close to my chest for now.


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