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[livejournal.com profile] markvd, you aren't allowed to say a GODDAMN WORD at the office tomorrow.
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I got back home at 11:40 tonight after a relatively uneventful flight out of HOU to MDW, with a layover in STL. I will be here at Z'ha'dum tomorrow just long enough to get ahold of work and explain why I won't be in, do a load of laundry, mow the lawn and try to beg the state of Illinois for an extension on my overdue-for-emissions-testing-and-thus-is-currently-running-on-expired-tags Expedition. I've resigned myself to the outrageous fine from the village due to the still-unrepaired condition of my siding.

For Bonus Fun Points I was having problems with the DSL line before I left. Upon my return the situation has gotten no better and troubleshooting this evening suggests that this goddamn POS BroadXent DSL modem has once again shit itself, so I'll have to deal with that as well when I get back. Insult to injury is fun, really. Can I please have a DSL modem that doesn't fuck up and eat its own head every six months? Please?

Shit, I need to refill Ra's prescription for Prednisolone or he's going to run out while I'm away. That makes item number 12 on today's glitch list.
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Nobody should be in a supermarket when they find out their aunt has passed of cancer that went undiagnosed until two days previous -- this especially should not happen to a cancer survivor.

More frustrating yet is my family is actively discouraging my use of leave from work to fly to Texas for the service.

It's such a fine line
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I am never going to Peru, ever. Do you want to know why? Okay! This entry from [livejournal.com profile] jwz is why.
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... and said I'd only buy a premanufactured one from a major retailer. I'll put it this way, folks: I spent all day yesterday (about 20 hours) building the system, only to find I had to spend another $610 ($399 + $179 + Uncle Sam's cut of the take) to make the system run. Granted, almost all of that will be refunded when the defective/inadequate parts are sent back under RMA, but that doesn't make my wallet feel any better.

What makes it feel worse is that after spending another 10 hours on it today, it still. Doesn't. Run. Reliably.

I have given a name to my pains, and it is Integrator's Lament. Right now I believe I have a terminal case of it.


Oct. 30th, 2005 03:15 pm
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So yesterday, while I was out at Slate Street for lunch and billiards with [livejournal.com profile] roho and [livejournal.com profile] genet, I hit up Game Stop and found they were having a sale on used DVDs. I bought over a dozen titles (fifteen, to be exact). Amidst my bounty is a copy of Stephen King's "Rose Red" on DVD. I'm watching it now. The last time I saw this was 2002, when it originally aired. I was dating somebody then. I remember that we watched it in the living room of her parents' house. I remember all the other small details, from how the weather was to where we ate and how it felt -- well, I don't need to go into that, do I?

Isn't it funny how the memory works. Isn't it positively grand.

Now Muriel plays the piano
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I've said before that no good deed goes unpunished because I'm like the walking poster child for this slogan. I'll probably continue saying that until the day I die. Hey, it's not often we find a universal truth and can demonstrate it on demand.

I told a friend of mine tonight that I get a daily dosage of bullshit from my job and life that more than adequately meets my Recommended Daily Allowance for tolerating the crap that goes on. I do not turn to my hobbies and the things that I do for "fun" just so I can get another faceful straight from somebody's leaky asshole[1]. Given what my job has been like and the other things that are going down in my life[2], my free time should be spent doing things that I find fun and enjoyable. What has transpired lately is neither "fun" nor "enjoyable." It's been hellacious and unpleasant. I've had my fill for a while and now I'm quite fed up so I'm going to stop for a bit. To that end: I'm gonna take a month or two break from the various MU* I deal with to go focus on other things that don't push my blood pressure into the high 100s. Once I've had a chance to reset I'll come back and pick up where I left off.

The irony of all this is? It comes hot on the heels of an entry from [livejournal.com profile] hakeber wherein she points and laughs at people that are foolish enough to put themselves through torture. There's wisdom in her words, gang.

Do you know how long it's been since I've turned off all the lights and sat in a tub full of hot water while Neil Young played in the background? Neither do I, because I stopped counting after five years. I'm going to start with that tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to read a book while some music plays on the stereo. Unlike anything I've read in the last three years, this will be a book that doesn't have the phrases "value-added," "RFP," "Layer 3," "MPLS" or "routing metric" in it[3]. I don't think I've actually read something for enjoyment in the last 16 months.

This concept of enjoying oneself is crazy, I know -- but I plan to give it a shot anyway.

I'll be on IM, so I'm still quite reachable without being so near the things that make my blood boil.

What does it take to get a drink in this place?

[1] This defeats the idea of a hobby and does not meet my definition of "fun." YMMV.
[2] A lot of my friends have had extraordinarily shitty runs of luck lately, as well. I am by no means saying I have it worse than them.
[3] Suggestions are welcome. I like Stephen King and [livejournal.com profile] crackjackal has had some success in turning me on to Clive Barker.
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I had a pretty horrible day at work on Friday, so my first act upon getting home was to make a gin and tonic, only to find that I had no tonic. Since the thought of a cool, tall jinnintoniq was the only thing that got me through my day I felt it was my mission, nay, my duty to have that relaxing drink in front of my television. So, I did what any self-respecting modern drunkard would do -- I went to my favorite haunt to buy some ingredients.

They didn't have any diet tonic. They didn't even have regular tonic! They were in the process of a store reset and the soda aisle (where the tonic is usually kept at this establishment) was a disaster. Thirty minutes of searching and asking employees yielded still no tonic. In a huff of frustration I grabbed the few condiments I had located, checked out and bailed for my truck. The next stop was questionable, but all I could think of at the moment -- the Meijer station store across the parking lot. I can't say I was surprised that they didn't have the tonic, but it didn't help my mood any. At that point I had been out trying to find the key ingredient of my favorite drink for something like an hour and a half and I had nothing to show for it. Out of desperation I bit the bullet (and mentally prepared to have my wallet assaulted): if none of my favorite supermarkets or convenience stores had my tonic due to some sort of strange tonic shortage, I was sure the liquor store near my house would have what I needed at outstandingly high price-gouging cost. Swallowing my pride I drove over and jogged into the store. Five minutes of searching allowed me to locate the only remaining three bottles of tonic the store had. Thankfully they were diet (which is what I wanted) but it disturbed me that I was buying out this place's last three bottles after a nearly two-hour search earlier had netted several other stores that were out of stock. Is there some sort of outbreak of malaria that I was not informed of?

After I got home and mixed up the first of many drinks for the evening (using the tonic it took over two hours to locate and purchase) I chatted via AIM until the wee hours of Saturday morning with [livejournal.com profile] crackjackal. Due to foolishness on my part I haven't really been in touch with Ashi much over the last few months and it felt good to remedy that. The topic of conversation was sort of a moving target, it kept fluctuating a great deal and touched on any number of things... but it was good. Sometime around 3:30 on Saturday morning, as I was preparing to haul myself off to bed, the jaql extended an invitation for me to drive up to Madison and visit. An impromptu offer to go hang out out for the weekend I didn't have anything planned on? I didn't even have to think about it. I begged for a few hours of sleep, after which I'd tend to morning chores and then head up North. I dragged myself out of bed after 6 hours sleep, took a shower, tended to the chores and threw some bags in the duffel. By 10:10 I was on the road and Madison-bound!

My Saturday in Madison consisted of lazing around the apartment, smoking lots of cigarettes, talking and watching DVDs. Ashi tried to show me "Alone in the Dark" but forty minutes into the film it became just too painful to watch (As the jaql said, Poor Christian Slater) and we switched over to the fifth season of The Sopranos. We also went out to get some dinner at a local eatery after driving all around town trying to find an establishment that would let us smoke while we dined. Later that night found us driving around time again, this time looking for a FedEx/Kinkos that was open. I stayed up and watched more episodes of The Sopranos while Ashi worked on homework and various other art projects. Sometime around 4 or so in the morning I curled up on the couch, pulled the blanket over me and went to sleep.

The Clock was also reset to zero months, zero days. o/` o/` o/`

Today was quiet. Earlier Ashi had come down with some horrible plague of a cold and had been up until daybreak, so she slept late while I finished up The Sopranos, took a shower and did a load of dishes to pass the time. Oh, by the way, [livejournal.com profile] yotogi? Remember how, during Thanksgiving of 2003, we were flopped out in the living room of Lori's place and you told me about Preacher? I hadn't forgotten about that. I found a copy of Preacher: Gone To Texas that Ashi had in the apartment and read that from cover to cover. You're right, that's a damn fine book and I love when the Saint of Killers first makes his appearance. Gonna have to go buy me that series, because now I'm addicted. Although jaql, if you can find what we talked about before I left, I'd love to grab a copy.

Tomorrow it's back to the grind at work, but at least I had an enjoyable weekend to help refresh me for the next five days. Thank you again, jaqlomgthing.

Everything will be alright
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I am not drunk enough for this. I am not nearly drunk enough at all.

[Edit 2305 9/16] Yes, I am aware that it is a sign of alcoholism to retreat to the bottle when confronted with things that make you sad or upset.


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